About Skydive Mag

About Skydive Mag

We are a free, international, online-only skydiving magazine.

We focus on what’s new, exciting and progressive in the sky and tunnels around the world. We seek out the perspectives of innovators, inventors and icons and present a broad perspective on the continually-changing culture of flight.

We provide this service free of charge to the skydiving community, through advertising, which we aim to keep unobtrusive and relevant.

Who we are

Editor: Lesley Gale
Lesley is well-known as a big-way record organiser, an international 8-way competitor, and as the Editor who transformed the BPA journal into a classy, award-winning, beautiful magazine. Eventually after 15 years, she left to enjoy the freedom of independent reporting, the daily buzz of internet publishing and the challenge of using new media.

Software Architect: Stijn Janssens
Stijn Janssens, a highly qualified Java programmer from Belgium with a wealth of practical experience in designing, implementing and integrating complex software applications. He has competed on the world 8-way stage as a cameraman and as a team flyer.

Advertising Sales: Lise Hernandez
Lise Hernandez was the Editor, Advertising Sales and Designer of CanPara, the Canadian Parachute Association magazine, and has now thrown her considerable talents into skydivemag.com. She is an innovative and beautiful freestylist, who was the first person to perform indoor dancing to music in the wind tunnel, while the audience and judges listened to the same music.

Our mission

  • To create an independent online magazine, free and accessible by everyone worldwide
  • To provide an easy-to-use stage to share knowledge, adventures and philosophies
  • To use technology to bring you news and developments, quickly and thoroughly, using all available media
  • To provide a searchable library of enjoyable educational material
  • To reach across physical, cultural and national boundaries to create a truly global magazine, uniting those who love to fly

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