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How to beat Post Event Depression

Raining at Dunkeswell DZ — by Maxine Tate
Raining at Dunkeswell DZ — by Maxine Tate
Monday morning blues

Whether it be competition, record event, boogie or simply an amazing weekend, we've all experienced the blues upon returning home to our normal lives.

This is common among all disciplines in skydiving, and can be seen in action by the number of “woe is me, it's Monday” posts on FB each week.

Whether you are off for 5 working days, or several weeks, there are some great ways to combat post event blues AND stay in mental and physical shape for your next outing.


Visualizing is one of the most powerful tools available to us in our sport. We practice our sport in short increments, a handful of times a day. Visualization is not limited to number of lifts – we can visualize our perfect skydives – no matter what the discipline, at any time. Champion teams have proven that visualizing as little as 5-10 minutes a day can improve your overall technique and skills. You can find more about Visualization here

Watch videos

Watch videos (like you don't already!) but, instead of searching through youtube for mindless antics, target your choices. For the FS big way jumper a ton of videos of large formation skydives are available on and has a very nice video section here Every discipline: Tunnel, FS, FF, CP, CF and more have access to world class routines on line. Watch and learn.


Train your body as well as your mind: You know this, but I'll say it anyway. Go to the gym. Train your upper body – those muscles used in freefall but not used at the desk. Go for a run – get your cardio fitness in. Do yoga – work on your balance and flexibility. Return to the air stronger in all ways.

Be a 24-hour athlete
Be a 24-hour athlete

Lurk other events

Not stalking – but watch what is going around you. Omniskore has videos, scores and commentary. Read about past and future events posted on's Events page. Check the FAI's Events page. Find out what is happening in your sport even if you cannot join in. Stay current. Send your friends good wishes from afar.


Read or reread skydiving greats like Above all Else by Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld or Sugar Alpha by Melissa Nelson. Familiarize yourself with the blocks and randoms for competition. Search through online sites (like, Read the articles and Share those you find interesting or helpful. And if you enjoy the reading, then WRITE yourself!


More and more tunnels are arriving worldwide. Sign up for a camp, do some basic training, get your teammates to join you for some pre-season fun. Organize a tunnel scrambles competition. We might not skydive all winter but we CAN play in a tunnel and it will keep our skills sharp (and our wallets lean!)

Airspace tunnel charliewars 4WD

Save up

Speaking of wallets… SAVE UP! Find some goals for the next year, target which you wish to attend, and start saving your pennies, pence, cents. Make a skydiving budget (and know you'll exceed it). Cut back on some daily expenses. A Latte a day x 5. Well it adds up. And what a great reason to cut back on cigarettes. They are STUPID expensive and well….

Friends and family.

Use your friends and family. Even if they (gasp) don't skydive. Remember you will not see much of them once your season starts again! Organize a weekly or monthly get together for jumpers in your area. Hang out and talk skydiving. It doesn't have to be expensive–just fun!

Set yourself a goal

Find a goal and GO FOR IT! State Records, National Records, Sequential records, Competition, Tunnel meets, an exotic boogie in a warm location. Search, ask your friends, look online, and make plans.

I look forward to seeing you all in the air, in a tunnel, or online somewhere soon. Meanwhile – it's time for me to hit the gym and do some training.

Is it November yet?

blue skies

Please share YOUR ideas to combat the post event blues in the comments below!