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3 Unmissable Boogies

Summer Boogies in Europe You Can not Miss

Skydive Pink Klatovy in Festival Mode — by Gary Wainwright
Skydive Pink Klatovy in Festival Mode — by Gary Wainwright

If there is one thing we skydivers love are summer boogies: people from all round the world, good vibes, friends, parties and – best of all – clear jumping days from the first to the last hour of each day.

This time of high concentration of jumps is a great opportunity to progress, at a comparatively low cost. Boogies usually have good LOs that organize daily jumps, from basic to the most advanced, in every orientation.

With the arrival of good weather, summer boogies also arrive in Europe. In almost every country you will find an event of this kind where to go with your friends. Whether you go to jump without stopping, to focus on the development of some discipline or do not have any plan and all you want is to have fun and do whatever comes up, here you will find 3 of the best boogies this summer.

The Man is burning... Party's on — by Gustavo Cabana
The Man is burning... Party's on — by Gustavo Cabana


Burning Spring

The Burning Spring festival is the original and genuine skydiving boogie.

This event is a mixture of art, music and skydiving that will take you to a new dimension that will change your perception of the sport forever. An event to share the sky and the night and that can only be conceived from the fraternity of the paratroopers and the passion of the artists. It's fun from start to finish.

If you are a genuine, free and authentic soul, this is your event! Although it is not a technical skydiving event, you can improve your skills in many ways that you can not imagine.

Take note:

  • When: from June 2 to 9
  • Where: Skydive Empuriabrava
  • Who organizes: Babylon Freefly
  • Who will be there: Aldo Comas, Steph Fardel, Carles Francino, Cathy Bouete, Olav Zipser and a long and good etc …



  • 7 days: from June 2 to 9 € 410
  • 4 days: from 6 to 9 June € 368
  • 2 days: June 8 and 9 € 216
  • 1 day: June 9 128 €

The passes give the right to:

  • Access and use of the campsite
  • Dinners
  • A lot of beer every night
  • Gifts (event t-shirt and others)
  • LOs: freefly, wingsuit, FS, tube jump, beach and costume parties
  • High altitude jumps
  • Photography contest
  • Wind Tunnel Jam in Windoor
  • Coupons to fly in Terminal Zero
  • Unforgettable parties


  • 10 jumps: € 287
  • 20 jumps: € 560
  • 30 jumps: € 810

There are also different packages for the festival that include the pass and the jumps.

More info HERE on its website

Vector Festival 2014 — by Gustavo Cabana
Vector Festival 2014 — by Gustavo Cabana


Vector Festival

Under the organization of UPT and PD, The Vector Festival was held for the first time in Europe in 2004 as a way of both brands giving back to their European customers. Some years later Vigil AAD joined the organizing team and since then it has become one of the main and most traditional summer boogies.

This is an old-school boogie. The premise of the event is FUN and it does it by gathering some of the best LO's in the world with unique night entertainment. There are organizers for all levels and you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere jumping with friends or with one of the organizers.

Due to the magnitude of the event, it is necessary to have at least 100 jumps to participate, but do not worry! It's all in the mind. If you have less than 300 jumps, you can participate in the Vector Festival Initiation day. You will have the opportunity to meet some of the organizers, get personalized guidance from the DZ along with relevant safety information to keep you safe, in addition to finding other people in your same situation before the madness begins ;)

In short, is the best-known skydiving event of the European summer.


The biggest and the best of all editions, do not miss the details:

  • When: from June 19 to 23
  • Where: Skydive Pink Klatovy
  • Who organizes: UPT. PD and Vigil
  • Who will be there: Pete Allum, Gustavo Cabana, Vincent Cotte, Luis Adolfo Lopez-Mendez, Will Penny, colleague David Ferrera (Ciru), and many more
by Wolfgang Lienbacher
by Wolfgang Lienbacher



  • From May 1 to June 18 € 165
  • At the event (if there are enough places) € 200


  • Tickets € 32 (jump to 4300 meters)
  • Balloon jump: € 106

More info HERE and on website:

Pink Positive Boogie
Pink Positive Boogie


Pink Positive Boogie

This summer, the mythical and impressive event for girls returns. 4 days to enjoy in the company of true women wonder. A boogie to advance your atmo, freefly and angle skills.

Do you want to be part of the party?

  • When: from 5 to 8 of July
  • Where: Skydive Pull Out Ravenna
  • Who organizes: Gigliola Borgnis

Load Organisers

  • Gigliola Borgnis
  • Karine Joly
  • Greg Crozier
  • Amy Chmelecki

More info on the event page