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32-Foot Tunnel Planned

Projection of CLYMB

Some 18 years ago the first wall-to-wall air wind tunnel opened in Orlando, Florida. At 12' in diameter with glass panels on all sides, this tunnel was state of the art. 

Fast forward to 2018 and the opening of a wind tunnel three times the size of iFLY Orlando. While rumors have been swirling for awhile, an official announcement released recently gave the public the first peak at this windy behemoth. In a statement published by the Arabian Journal, Miral, an Abu Dhabi Development company, announced it's investment into this $100 milion dollar project. Yas Island, situated along the Persian Gulf will be the home of this simulated haven of extreme sports, CLYMB. CLYMB will feature  a 32' (9.75m) wind tunnel, and the world's tallest indoor rock climbing wall at 43 meters high, complete with four walls to challenge. 

When flying and climbing leaves you hungry, dining options will be abundantly available, plus shopping 4,000 hotel rooms. 

What will 32' of wind mean for the sport? We hope to see all kinds of new disciplines and flying styles with such limitless space.

Article from the News Page of the International Bodyflight Association website