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3-Minute Service for your 3-Rings

How to Maintain Your 3 Ring Risers

Skydive Spaceland rigger Rory Corrigan demonstrates how to maintain your skydiving rig's three-ring release system:

  • releasing the canopy
  • cleaning the cutaway cables
  • breaking the memory of the 3-ring webbing
  • reassembly

Note: always do a complete line check after re-attaching the canopy to double check it's correctly re-attached

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Richard Blake

Agree with Sandy. Also, might be an idea to advise folks to disconnect the RSL (if they have) before cut away and removing the risers.

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sandy grillet

Nice video - easy to follow and concise. However, I would like to hear mention about the importance of running the cable through the Collin's lanyard on Skyhook rigs and of course showing it on video.

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