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8-way Boot Camp!

Learn 8-way in a single day at Bedford Tunnel

8-way vertical move, block 22
8-way vertical move, block 22

World Challenge and World Cup 2019 to include 8-way

The World Challenge tunnel competition 2019 at Twinwoods Adventure, Bedford, will include 8-way for the second year running. The 4-way competition runs Friday 5 to Saturday 6 April, and Sunday 7 April will see an 8-way competition. It starts at 10:30 am to allow time to recover from the World Challenge party! There will be 10 rounds, taken from the wind tunnel 8-way dive pool, which omits blocks 14 and 20, and has some small amendments to some others.

The Indoor World Championships, to be held at Weembi Lille, 16-20 April, will include 8-way as a trial discipline for the first time at an IPC indoor event. The 8-way FS will be run as a World Cup, so more than one team per country can attend.

Brit Chicks, World Challenge 8-way silver medallists 2018
Brit Chicks, World Challenge 8-way silver medallists 2018

8-way Taster Camps

Lesley Gale, of Brit Chicks 8-way team is running some 8-way Boot Camps at Twinwoods, with the aim of covering most of the 8-way dive pool in a single day.

Two 8-way teams per day will be catered for, each receiving coaching, briefs, video debriefs, block technique and critique. 60 minutes of flying time will be included per team, the last 10 minutes being a mini competition between the two teams. World medallist Maria Russell will be the second coach so each team has personalised coaching and debriefs.

The project is ideal for two 4-way teams wanting to learn 8-way, or for individuals to be put together in a team, in which case a coach may fly with them. This is perfect preparation for the World Challenge 8-way competition 2019, for the World Indoor 8-way Cup 2019 and even for UK (outdoor) Nationals.

The cost, including 60 mins flying time per person and all coaching is £140 per person (if flying with a coach, about £167). The camps will run from 9am to pm in a single day. Dates are Sunday 24 February, and Saturday 16 March. Ideally teams would attend both camps, to really boost their average and build on the foundation of the first camp. More dates will be arranged if there is interest.

Find out more at the Facebook event page here