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A Dream Comes True

Team Karma Take Bronze Medal — by Ralf Adler
Team Karma Take Bronze Medal — by Ralf Adler

Saarlouis, 3 September 2015: The worldwide first inclusive 4way skydive team Karma around the handicap skydiver Claudia Breidbach won their first bronze medal in the A class 4 way german nationals 2015. The german national 2015 took place at FSZ Saar, Saarlouis in Germany. 28 4way teams seeked their champions in A, AA & AAA class.

The team is composed of Claudia Breidbach (Center Inside), Michael
'Macko' Mackowiak (Center Outside), Sergey Tatulicz (Tail), Michael 'Speedy' Sigl (Point) and Torge Sulkiewicz (Video). They outscored the teams On Air and Charly in a nerve-wracking battle for 3rd place.

Claudia was missing her left forearm since birth and became the worldwide first one-hand skydiver. In 2013 she started to compete with her team in 4way competitions: a challenge that had never been done before. picked up her story and covered Team Karma from their beginning. Taking in account that Team Karma was battling with only 7 hands against teams with 8 hands made this competition a special one with a sniff of 'David and Goliath'.

Poor start

But the competition started very disappointingly for Karma. On the first day the first two jumps were quite bad. After day one Karma were in 5th place with a 5 point gap to 3rd. A medal seemed out of reach. On day two, Team Karma shocked the other teams with very good jumps and one high score round – melting away the lead of the teams in front.The race was on and the other teams felt the pressure! In round 5 the middle field was close together again and the battle for bronze was in earnest. Since then it was a mind game, causing exit funnels and busts. And the end Team Karma was mentally stronger and won bronze medal with a lead of 3 points.

by Torge Sulkiwiecz
by Torge Sulkiwiecz


In overall Team Karma had to accept 6 busted points which showed that they were jumping under their capabilities but showing some nerve! For example in round 8 team Karma had an exit funnel, took 23 seconds to build the first point but manged in the remaining 12 seconds to score 11 points! Team Karma proved that they are competitive. The team benefits more and more from the very strict requirement to fly every slot as smoothly and cleanly as possible like the Pro Teams.

Christoph Aarns

Karma's trainer, Christoph Aarns from Dropzone FSC Dädalus Eisenach, is more than proud of his team. He faced the challenge to prepare and train Team Karma for the German Nationals and believed in their capabilities.
“It is very impressive to see how the team sticks together, facing this special challenge. If you see them fly on the video you do not see on first sight that Claudia is a handicapped skydiver. They also do very good exits. It is fun to work with them and Claudia is a source of inspiration.“

For FSC Dädalus this bronze medal is a special one because it is won by a homegrown, all-inclusive 4way team, the first medal worldwide for such a team, and a milestone for the club. FSC Dädalus and Christoph just gave another proof of their capabilities to realize projects in skydiving which seem to be impossible on first sight.

What's Next?

The plans for Karma are quite clear. The training will continue in 2016 and the team will stay in A Class to get more stable before going the next step and joining AA Class. Their mission 'gold medal in A class' is not yet accomplished.

Chase your dreams

Karma would like to encourage people inside and outside the skydiving community to chase their dreams and believe in their capabilities, no matter what other people think. will follow this unique team and is looking forward to see their progress.

by Gisela Geng
by Gisela Geng

If you have an questions for Karma or just like to send them a message please contact

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James Hodge

Says she was the first one handed skydiver, hmmmm, what about Captain Hook and his sky pirates 10 way American RW team?

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