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Unprecedented Vortex Rig Replacement Effort Complete

Vortex rigs
Vortex rigs

Company meets target for more than 700 customers affected by recall

 April, 2017

The Vortex recall by Parachute Systems is now officially a good news story. Today, the company’s CEO and founder Chris Dales announced that the last rigs to complete the recall are on the production line. More than 700 customers in 30 countries were affected by this recall due to a defective stainless steel ring. 

By choosing to replace a complete rig because of one ring, Parachute Systems’ Dales made an unprecedented commitment to his customers: “As skydivers, we have a solid history of looking out for each other. My business is built on that ethos. I am very proud that we finished this recall and did what I, as a skydiver, would have wanted done for me in this situation and which we set out to do.”

After determining that replacing rings would be a less safe option because the rig would need to be dismantled, Dales recalled and replaced the Vortex rigs for all affected customers. Skydivers from around the world received new equipment.

 The deliverable to each Vortex owner who returned the rig was a brand new “new design” harness and container system, customized to suit the customer’s current wishes. The rigs were produced with new colors requested by the jumper, magnetic riser covers and any needed harness resizing at no cost to the customer.  In-board and out-board shipping costs were also covered by the company. Parachute Systems’ customers were able to upgrade on size change, add Skyhook or RSL at a discounted price and provided with a $100 dollar “recall appreciation voucher” for any additional gear they might want to buy. 

After a brief time of re-organization, increase in staffing, training, and waiting for materials to be delivered, rigs began shipping to customers on April 13, 2016. This herculean process was completed in just a year. 

Dales added: “My customers—my fellow jumpers—stuck with us as we received, approved, constructed, inspected, and shipped their new rigs. I believe this was the best decision to make to ensure our commitment to offering our customers the best quality customer service and most of our customers really appreciated that in spite of the frustration of being without their rigs. Our staff really stepped up and gave new meaning to teamwork and I am extremely grateful to them and our friends who encouraged and promoted us and our efforts. Our business can only survive with customer loyalty and we are now celebrating that loyalty and expressing our gratitude.”