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An adventurous take on boogie life

Tropical Island Hopping or African Safaris

“So you’ve seen the same DZ seven times, mostly with the same epic crew, next year we go back to the same boogie, or?…“

Will Penny over French Polynesia — by will penny
Will Penny over French Polynesia — by will penny

“The time has come to change the game within skydiving events/camps. We are on it, searching for the most exotic and unique places. Imagine you and small bunch of friends sailing around French Polynesia while the plane meets us at a few locations to make some memorable jumps, well next year you can make that a reality….

“If we plan ahead we can essentially create any type of event anywhere in the world, it is that simple. So lets do it, lets challenge each other and see who can come up with the best concept. Game on.“

Will Penny

Boogie Adventures

“What do you do, when you’ve been to plenty of party-infused boogies, done your fair share of bare feet beach jumps, hung out of a helicopter tailgate for a week, had your “progression-is-everything” period and got to fly with the hottest coach-of-the-year at a 4way skills camp? What then? What’s next? How to continue filling up your timeline with epic photos to impress your friends with?

Freefly over the mountains&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;by <a href='' class='captionLink'>Jasper van der Meer</a>
Freefly over the mountains — by Jasper van der Meer
White Water Rafting
White Water Rafting

“In the end, we’re all just looking to collect experiences. Call it your bucket list. Call it your adventure collection. And why should those adventures be limited to only skydiving? If you think they shouldn’t, and if you’re up for an event where you can sometimes take a break from flying to get a whiff of nature or get inspired otherwise, then you fit right into this group of skydivers who are currently expanding their skydiving trip into an African skydive safari, windtunnel yoga retreat or outdoor-sports freefly boogie.


“Of course, you could just book a random safari with some travel agency, or go canyoning in the Alps for your summer holiday. But you’d miss out on something special. This weird breed of wonderful people from different ranks of life, coming together from all over the planet, that you seem to meet time and again in new places. People that slowly start to feel more and more like family. An all inclusive social attitude, which seems to accept anyone into the group, with the sole exception of mean selfish cunts*. People that have flying as their shared interest, just as their open and adventurous take on life.”

Jasper van der Meer


Windtunnel vs Yoga

“What turns great experiences into unforgettable memories is the people you share them with.

“The best part of skydiving for me is being surrounded by people who are equally hungry to live life to the fullest. I feel blessed to be able to travel to beautiful locations around the world and make most out of each event with the people that are there with me. This is what skydiving events are all about for me…finding connections and collecting memories

“In my opinion the best skydiving events are a good mix of jumping out of airplanes and other activities. Being a yoga lover, I can't wait to introduce you guys to some upcoming events that combine both of those passions of mine!”

Inka Tiitto

Adventure Boogie

Coming up next: Adventure Boogie Freefly Boogie mixed with all kinds of adventurous mountain sports June 5-10 2017, Bovec Slovenia

* courtesy of Domi Kiger, excerpt from the constitution of The Village

Article by Jasper van der Meer, Will Penny & Inka Tiitto