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Any Pattern you Like – No, REALLY!

Words by Lesley Gale

Julian Boulle and his “ELE" (Everybody Loves Everybody) custom hearts design
Julian Boulle and his “ELE (Everybody Love Everybody)” custom hearts design
Squirrel SUPER CUSTOM suit
Squirrel can print any design you like – this is Kasha Farrington's – she's a 'Trooper'! — Image by Chex Machine

Squirrel SUPER-CUSTOM Pattern Chooser devastates workplace productivity

When Squirrel launched a pattern chooser plugin on their website which allows wingsuit pilots to choose a custom pattern for any suit in their range… the NASDAQ dropped two points as people around the world stopped working and disappeared down the pattern rabbit hole. It doesn’t sound like that big of a deal until you start to play with the system, and realize that it’s not just choosing a pattern. It’s choosing a pattern, then scaling its size, then changing the colors… but not just some of the colors – all of the colors of each segment of the pattern. And as if that weren’t enough to choose from, the color theme generator creates even more choices to warp your brain and delay all other workplace tasks. 

anything that can be printed digitally can be printed onto your suit
Squirrel SUPER CUSTOM suit
A Squirrel SUPER CUSTOM suit from the Squirrel pattern design — Image by Will Kitto
Squirrel SUPER CUSTOM suit
Carlos Pedro Briceño, stoked with his design

Squirrel says they do understand that approximately one bazillion pattern options are not enough for skydivers, and for that reason they can handle custom-drawn or photograph-based patterns also. Orders for your groovy idea – pink-donkey-dong, flying-pig, or roided-out unicorn – can be created in collaboration with Squirrel’s graphic design department - actuallly for remarkably reasonable prices. 

Kasha Farrington and her 'melons'
Kasha Farrington and her 'melons'

The patterns are printed digitally directly onto the standard 210D ripstop suit fabric that is used for all Squirrel wingsuits. Apparently, anything that can be printed digitally can be printed onto your suit. There are some caveats which are clearly laid out on the suit order webpage. Squirrel says that the durability and colorfastness of the printing is quite good and will last for the life of the wingsuit when properly cared for. Delays for printed suits are only slightly longer than normal, meaning that it will probably take you longer to decide your pattern than it will for Squirrel to make and ship your gear!

Video Tutorial

Below and on the Squirrel website is a video tutorial on using the pattern designer. (select SUPERCUSTOM, this is for a Freak suit). Warning! – you could lose hours of your life!

SuperCustom Pattern Designer Tutorial by Loren


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