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App for Newbie Skydivers

Words by Lesley Gale

SDC Rhythm 4-way team, whose website has always offered tons of free resources, have launched an App containing everything the new skydiver wants and needs to know about the sport.

Rhythm Skydiving 101 App

It’s completely free, very easy to find your way around and absolutely packed with useful information, contained within a well-designed structure. There are four sections:

  • Basics
  • Fundamentals of Flight
  • 2-way dives
  • 3-way dives

Fundamentals of Flight

Fundamentals of Flight covers basic body position, forwards/backwards movement, side-slides and turns, demonstrated in the Paraclete XP wind tunnel, narrated by long-time team member Janette Lefkowitz.


The Basics section includes:

  • Showing up at the DZ
  • Preparing a Dive
  • Getting on the Plane
  • In The Plane
  • Exits
  • Freefall
  • Canopy Flight
  • Back on the Ground
    That about covers everything, eh?!

2-way and 3-way Dives

This contains a series of skills skydives to progress though, each with a color-coordinated diagram and a video, narrated by Rhythm member Steve Lefkowitz, with freeze-frames to highlight the important points.

Nice one Rhythm!

I can't believe Rhythm is giving away all this information for free!
Siddharth Choudhury

Get Rhythm Skydiving 101 from the iTunes store here


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