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Summer of '69

Words by Stephane FARDEL / Babylon Freefly

All in one!
The Giconi Double Decker Party Bus...
Image by Babylon Giconi

A double decker bus: it’s not what you expect to find on a drop-zone. Unless…. unless the drop-zone is Skydive Empuriabrava, unless the bus is painted in bright colors and sports the “Giconi” logo and unless Babylon has a hand in it… Because the double decker bus has become symbol of Babylon’s boogies and its presence on a drop-zone, following the wildly successful Burning Spring held in May, has now become an almost normality.

Multi color streamers lead by Cathy during the Summer of 69

That’s how it began for Babylon and Giconi’s summer event, the Summer of 69 Boogie: with the double decker bus pulling up and the question “What will happen this time?” floating in the air; that’s how it goes when Babylon organises an event: you have the certainty that what happens in the sky will be handled professionally, with care to safety, progression and loads of fun and creativity but what will happen on the ground? That’s the surprise. Last summer, a shrimp on the runway, for Halloween a Rocky Horror vibe and for spring? Well, for spring it was all sorts of things: firetrucks, tractors, flying dalmatians, burning man… And this summer? What’s the Babylon crew up to? Well, they definitely had to be creative, and they were!

The weather was not going to allow itself to be ignored and right before the start of the event, the Tramontana came in. One would imagine that to be sufficient to really spoil the mood… but no, that’s not what happened. What happened is that the Babylon crew used the same creativity and passion they use when they choreograph a jump to figure out alternative activities: surfing at the nearby wave club…. with inflatable orcas of course, a tunnel jam that ended up with a twenty five people low-speed group hug, some tunnel coaching (group, one on one and even two coaches to one student; a format often present at Babylon tunnel camps), and then the evenings: a dinner at Windoor after the jam, a few at the drop zone and a paella on the beach in St. Pere-Pescador, where the participants of the boogie were brought by the double decker bus, under the bewildered stare of the many tourists.

Full Tunnel Session!!!


And finally the Tramontana decided to collaborate. Time to jump and time for Babylon to use the same creativity they had used on the ground, in the sky…. Jumps from 5000m, rides to altitude on the Beech 99, mixed jumps with tubes, ChupaChup (giant skyball) jumps, Colourful streamer jumps, many head up and head down traces and a sunset beach jump (with the unmissable ride back to the DZ on the Giconi bus) completed what had begun on the ground: the creation of a compact group of people sharing a moment, an experience and a passion; fun in the sky, fun in the tunnel, fun in the water, on the beach and at the DZ. Fun, that’s what Babylon events are: a whole lot of fun and a great opportunity to learn from the best and progress in a sport we all love.

The Summer of 69 Boogie amply fulfilled expectations!

Highlights videos can be downloaded here, or watch them below.

More colours...
Strange Animals...

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