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Back Fly Enter/Exit

During your Back Flying progression, you will also learn how to enter and exit the flight chamber while remaining in the Back Fly position. Being able to control yourself throughout the entire entrance and exit process will be key to learn more advanced entrances and exits, and especially when competing in 2 way Vertical Formation (VFS) competitions requiring the use of this skill.


The main objective is to be able to safely and successfully 'Enter' and then, once the flight session has concluded, 'Exit' the wind tunnel straight in to the neutral Back Flying body position with minimal hands-on assistance from the tunnel Instructor.

It is important that the speed of your entrances and exits are slow throughout so that you can maintain control at all times.



  • Start in a balanced stance at the edge of the entrance door edge, back to the airflow.
  • Crouch down low.
  • Lean back into the wind keeping the back-fly position with your head back.
  • Keep your arms up to catch wind as you release the doorframe.
  • Once in the wind in a back-fly position, gently push off the edge of the door using your feet.


Check In

  • How did you feel entering the tunnel using the different technique?
  • Are you able to make the entrance smoother, slower/faster?

Visit the IBA Skills page to download the full lesson plan and to find additional post-flight evaluation questions and suggestions.

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