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Back Fly Side Sliding

The back fly side sliding skill is the last skill as part of the 8 points of motion (forward, backward, up, down, left turn, right turn) for the back fly orientation. Completing this skill will conclude the basic movements that you will need to progress to more advanced back flying skills.


The primary objective is to be able to safely and successfully side slide from one side of the wind tunnel to the other, under control the entire time, maintaining a consistent altitude and heading, without contacting the wall at any time.


1. Basic

  • A side slide will consist of combined movements with your upper and lower body
  • For your lower body, rotate both feet so your heels are pointing in the direction you wish to travel
  • Push your trailing arm away from your body slightly and your leading arm will shift to a position above your head to create drive for your upper body
  • Manage your inputs so that you maintain a consistent heading
  • Turn your head slightly so that you look in the direction of your side slide
  • Oppose all inputs in order to stop the slide
  • You should plan to stop your slide early enough so that you don’t come in to contact with the wall on the opposite side

2. Advanced

Visit the IBA Skills page to learn about Advanced drills.

Check In

  • Were you able to maintain stability throughout, maintaining a constant speed, heading and altitude?
  • Did you feel the difference in power from the basic to the advanced technique?

Visit the IBA Skills page to download the full lesson plan and to find additional post-flight evaluation questions and suggestions.

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