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Back Fly Turns

This is the second video in IBA’s Flyer Level 2 Static Progression ‘how-to’ series, Back Fly Left/Right Turns. Once a flyers have demonstrated proficiency flying stable on their back, they are ready to begin learning controlled movement.


The primary objective is to be able to safely and successfully control both left turns and right turns and to be able to stop the turns on heading.

1, Beginner (on net)

  • To start a turn, point both ankles in the direction you want your lower body to travel. Your thighs should remain at 90 degrees to your torso with your torso straight throughout.
  • To stop the turn, reverse those moves to create a drive in the opposite direction, and maintain that position until the rotation has stopped.

2, Intermediate (off the net)

  • Coordinate the use of both your upper body and lower body positions to aim for a more center point turn. Ensure that the lower body is positioned so its drive is opposite to the drive created with your upper body.
  • To stop the turn, reverse the positions of your lower and upper body to create a drive in the opposite direction and maintain that position until the rotation has stopped.

3, Advance (off the net)

  • Start and stop the turns with coordinated use of your upper and lower body.
  • To increase the level of difficulty, you can practice turning and adjusting altitude to a pre-determined height at the same time.

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Visit the IBA Skills page to download the full lesson plan and to find post-flight evaluation questions and suggestions:

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