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Back Fly Up/Down

Learn to adjust your fall rate while flying on your back. Learning the back flying upward and downward movements will provide you with the ability to adjust the altitude you are flying at. Being comfortable at gaining altitude in the tunnel on your back will also help lead you in to more advanced trick moves during your flight progression.


The primary objective is to be able to safely and successfully demonstrate that you can fly up and down while back-flying. You will need to demonstrate that you can perform these maneuvers while remaining in the center of the tunnel the whole time.


1. Beginner

  • Learn how to use your arms and legs together
  • Aim to maintain a constant level as the wind speed is adjusted
  • Aim to maintain heading throughout
  • Make level changes to a specified altitude and back down to the net
  • Level changes mixed with heading changes

2. Intermediate

  • Mixing the use of your arms/legs with your torso
  • Use of flattening your torso to help provide more input
  • Level changes to a higher pre-determined altitude
  • Level changes mixed with forward and backward movement

3. Advanced

Upward and downward movements (fall rate control) are important aspects of learning to back fly. Understanding these techniques will serve you well throughout your Freeflying progression. From this point forward, your progression will demand higher wind speeds to be able to fly so understanding how to control your body at any wind speed and move to any altitude will provide a safer more learning rich environment for you.

Check In

  • How did your performance match the initial objectives?
  • Were you able to maintain stability throughout?
  • Did you feel comfortable using your torso with your arms and legs to generate the most lift?

Visit the IBA Skills page to download the full lesson plan and to find more post-flight evaluation questions and suggestions.

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