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BASE Height App

BASE height app MapY
BASE height app MapY

A BASE jumper, Маршалл Хаусс, from Minnesota, has launched a MapY App for Android to help find the height of a new object.

Маршалл was always looking at possible towers, grain elevators etc while driving and wondering how jumpable they were. He looked for an APP that would help but there was noting suitable – so, he made his own! It uses a combination of your phone’s camera and Google maps to figure out the distance, so you can work out the:

  • height of an object from ground level
  • height from the landing area
  • your own height

MapY can show the results in meters or feet. That said, the App is handy for approximating heights but should not be depended on in scenarios where an exact height is required. It has 5 star reviews on Google Play and good reports on Facebook. Маршалл is open to ideas to improve the App from users and hopes they find it useful.

It's available on Google Play here