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Belly Fly Entrances

entering the tunnel
entering the tunnel

Entering the airflow on your own…

Initially as a new belly flyer, you will be provided assistance when entering the flight chamber. As you progress your ability on your belly, learning to be able to enter the tunnel with no hands on from your instructor will be key. Here you will learn what steps are necessary to execute a smooth and controlled entrance.

Learning Points

  • Set up so that you’re squatting low and enter the airflow low
  • For balance, have one foot slightly in front of the other
  • Keep your chin up and prepare to thrust your hips forwards as you pass the threshold of the door
  • Your arms should be out so they catch airflow once you begin the entrance; this will help with control and better stopping power once you are in
  • Enter the airflow slowly so you don’t generate too much speed
  • As your feet leave the floor plate, be aware of stopping any unwanted forward drive by bending your legs and slightly extending your arms forward
  • Remain arched throughout the entrance so that you maintain a low altitude

Download the full lesson plan with images here

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