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Belly Fly Exits

Similar to entering the flight chamber, during the early stages of your flight progression, the tunnel instructor will assist you for your exit to ensure that it is performed correctly. As your flight time increases along with your comfort level, learning how to exit solo will be a natural part of the progression. Completing these exercises will ensure that you are able to exit the tunnel safely and efficiently each time.

Learning Points

  • Begin in your neutral position, facing the doorway at waist to chest height
  • Begin a forward movement to approach the door
  • Remember that as you start forward drive, the opportunity to gain altitude exists, so manage your arch position accordingly
  • Avoid reaching your arms out to grasp the door-frame too early as this can generate unwanted lift
  • When you get to the door, stop first then place your hands on the sides of the door frame
  • Bend your legs, driving your knees down underneath you, and place your feet on the net
  • Finally, stand up and walk out of the flight chamber

Download the full lesson plan with images here

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