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Belly Flying 2-Way

Now you are a stable and controlled solo belly flyer, it is now time for you to begin learning to master that control while flying with a partner.

2 way flying opens many doors within your belly flight progression, allowing you to fine tune your control and learn to balance each skill aspect in order to successfully complete 2 way flight rotations.

Learning Points


  • Begin on-level with your partner
  • Fly facing each other and aim to maintain flying in the same airspace without moving
  • Both flyers should turn so that you are side by side, facing the same direction and again maintaining your airspace
  • Play a slow follow-the-leader drill where one person adjusts heading or altitude and the other person matches
  • Maintain eye contact throughout


  • Try some 360º turns having one person fly static and the other turning and then switch roles
  • Once you become comfortable, build simple formations
  • Before you pick up any grips on your flying partner, be sure that you are both on the same level
  • After you adjust heading to build different formations, be sure that you stop any movement prior to picking up any grips on your partner

Download the full lesson plan with images here

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