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Belly Flying Turns

Belly Fly Turns
Belly Fly Turns


Turning is an integral part of your belly flying skill and being able to comfortably do so will allow you to control and maintain specific pre-determined headings and also will allow you to make specific moves while flying with a partner to build set formations.


The primary objective is to be able to safely and successfully demonstrate a left and a right turn while belly-flying, aiming to remain in control, stable and in the center of the wind tunnel throughout.

Learning Points

  • Beginning in your neutral position, you will first learn to turn only using your upper body.
  • Bank your shoulders, allowing the airflow to be deflected to create the power to turn
  • As you bank your shoulders, make sure that your spine continues to remain straight at all times and avoid bending your spine to one side or the other.
  • Maintain your arch position throughout the turn.
  • Manage the position of your legs during your turns to prevent any unwanted forward or backward drive during your turns.
  • To stop the turn, you will need to reverse your movements and start a turn in the opposite direction. Doing this will allow you to stop the turn fairly quickly.
  • If you over-turn or under-turn, you’ll need to adjust the point at which you started your movement to stop. For example, start slightly sooner if you over-turned or slightly later if you under-turned.
  • Once you’ve stopped the turn, return to your neutral position.

Download the full lesson plan here for more information

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