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Best of Vector Festival 2016 Videos

Words by Lesley Gale

Vector Festival 2016 Skydive Pink Klatovy
Image by Wolfgang Lienbacher

The Vector Festival is so big and so awesome there are oodles of videos out there.. we bring you the staff pick of the top three…

Best Atmosphere 

Jakob Aungiers's 90 second digest of the craziness and amazing atmosphere!

A 90 second digest of the craziness of this year's Vector Festival, skydiving freeflying boogie galore!

Best Skydiving

Richard Scheurich always delivers, the edit is kicking and the dives are enviable.

The one and only Richard Scheurich shares a cool edit of some of his jumps at Vector Festival 2016

Best Stunt

Red Bull's night jump over the festival, broadcast live to the world!

Night jump and xrw by the Red Bull Skydive Team over the Vector Festival 2016

Read about the Vector Festival here

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