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Bottom Loop

This is the ninth video in the IBA’s Dynamic Progression ‘how-to’ series, the Bottom Loop. This move simply acts as an efficient way to return to a head-down orientation as you end a back layout, whether it is to begin a subsequent layout, or enter, for example, an in-face carve or out-face carve, head-down. Therefore, being comfortable flying full back layouts is required in order to master this skill.

A bottom loop involves a very brief transition from your belly to your back so as to return subsequently to a head-down orientation. For this reason, being proficient in belly-to-back, backflip transitions will benefit you in learning this move.

Learning Points

  • Perform the bottom loop at the center of the tunnel.
  • Ensure your hips stay out during the entire maneuver; avoid the common mistake of bending at the hips!
  • As when you’re performing a belly-to-back backflip, avoid “pushing” on the wind with your hands to induce the transition.

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