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Catching up with Brian Casserly

Brian Casserly fell in love with skydiving on his first jump. Hungry for knowledge about his new passion – but not finding the travel information he wanted – Brian founded Pussfoot, an online magazine to share knowledge, data and advice.

Brian Casserly, with daughter, Ryan

How many jumps, what type, how long in the sport?

Ha, I'm light on jumps – only 236 – as I spend most of my time at dropzones exploring and taking pictures for content. I find that Belly tends to be my favorite discipline mainly cause I travel so much and love to take in the views. At the same time freeflying has my heart. To date I've been involved in the sport for just over 3 years, and what a 3 years it has been.

Favorite place in the world to jump & why

I love jumping where the weather is sweet like sugar. I found that Arizona tends to have the best weather no matter what. It's always sunny and the people out there make it well worth the trip. Skydive Phoenix is where you can find me most days I'm there. It's a small DZ with a big family feel and everyone is one completely Rad.

Nationality, and where you live?

Proud to be an American! ( LOL, I don't feel like I have a home being I'm on the road or in a plane so much ) and currently live in New York with my wife and 3 daughters.

What is this PussFoot thing? Is it full time or what else do you do for a living?

Great Question… PussFoot is more of a state of being then anything else. Yes we are a Brand and yes we are a Blog. However PussFoot truly is a state of mind. The ability to overcome that horrible feeling that screams to the heavens 'NOOOO, don't do it!' Right then and there we overcome that fear and become inspired, proving that fear has no grip on our destiny. Anyone reading this will know that 'jello leg syndrome' that has struck them at some point. Thats PussFoot, and I created it to unite anyone who has conquered it under one banner, no matter sky, BASE, skate, Surf, etc..

I wish I could say that PussFoot was part time, lol but that would be a lie. I do have a day job, im a construction engineer for a large communications company. As soon as I am home from my day job I begin working on content. I tend to not sleep ;-)

How long has PussFoot been going, why did you start it, and what do you strive for?

I started PussFoot in 2015. As a new Skydiver I would scour the net looking for cool reads and advice. Everything I would find was in different locations and didn't have what I was looking for as a new Skydiver looking to travel. I love the sport and that's all I would think about all day long so I decided to start my blog. Three years later we are a juggernaut growing more and more every day.

I am hoping that we will continue to grow and be able to provide fresh content and ideas for many years to come. I also plan on visiting every DropZone in the US and as many abroad as possible in order to bring the community a truly comprehensive collection of DropZone guides.

I plan on visiting every US DropZone and as many abroad as possible – Brian Casserly
I plan on visiting every US DropZone and as many abroad as possible – Brian Casserly

How do you make your content different?

All of our content is from people heavily involved in the sport. However unlike most editorials only a small portion of PussFoot content is sourced. I spend so much time pouring my heart in to 90% of all that you read on my site. I will not put up anything on the site that I or a member of the team haven't personally been a part of.

PussFoot also has a strong belief that no matter how scary a video or story is we will only put it up if there is a way to help people learn from others' mishaps. Knowing that someone will gain the knowledge to get out of a situation is a large part of what we do. I do not put up content just for click bait.

Our DropZone guide section is also very different from most content you will find anywhere on the net. We are becoming the Frommer's of the skydive world. Never judging or rating a drop zone but bringing all that the particular DZ and surrounding area has to offer. So let's say you want to visit DeLand, in our guide you will find where to pitch a tent, where to get firewood, what to do on weather holds and what's good to eat in the area. We currently have 10 full guides up on the site with 12 more dropzones coming this year.

How do you choose the people who write for you?

That's been a tough one to tackle. As most of my content comes from me and I'm very particular about how I want articles to read. I have chosen a handful of close friends I've made in the sport to create certain content strings that they are experts in. For example Nico and Greg both write about Tunnel Flying. Both are immersed in the industry and both bring different perspectives as they are in different countries. Our in House Rigger Shauna has not only the skills I was looking for but a drive and passion for the sport that also made her a perfect fit for PussFoot.

How do you choose who to interview?

When I'm looking for a person to interview I tend to look for the humble at heart. They might be a King or Queen in the industry but at the same time they are just really cool humans. Someone I would like to call a friend, a friend that I could show off to all of my other friends. I also don't always look for the fame, I have interviewed many people just because I could see the fire in their eyes, that passion, that lust for a higher watermark that only the angels know.

The Military is also a huge part of PussFoot. Once a week we feature an Active or Vet Skydiver. With all that they have done for injustice and country, it's an honor to speak with them and give them a post on our wall of heroes.

What are your 2 favorite articles and why?

Wow, I love them all. But if I had to pick I would have to say my first DropZone Guide for DeLand. This article was truly the one that got me started and full blown into keeping PussFoot alive. Once published, it was clear that I had something new and something that people were hungry for.

Next is my interview with Mike Holmstock. Mike is a 95 year old Paratrooper who took part in the European Theater during WW2. This article is huge in my eyes as we do not have many surviving paratroopers from this conflict remaining. I love the fact that I was able to take a very small part of his story to the world. It will remain in cyberspace forever, in some way keeping him alive in the reader's imagination.

Brian loves jumping!
Brian loves jumping!

Tell us a quirky fact about yourself

I am super afraid of heights - I am also extremely dyslexic… looks like I choose two of the wrong hobbies…

Describe yourself in 5 words or less

I'm fun

What do you love about the sport? And what do you hate?

What really drove me into the sport was the people! Nowhere else on earth have I found more cameraderie between people from all different walks of life. I find that the moment I walk on to a DropZone religion, color, creed and gender disappear - all we see are skydivers, and for that one reason I will never quit. Not to mention I like to go fast.

Hate is a strong word and I don't toss it around often. But I am not fond of some of the (sky gods) that will not take the time to help out the newbies. Or when people can be condescending when giving advice, almost to say that they were never a rookie.

Whom do you admire, who are your mentors and why?

I admire anyone who beats the odds. Anyone who strives to be the best, failing time and time again. And still gets up and gives it a go again.

Mentors, I have so many. But my father and all of his admirable wisdom will forever be my 'go-to guy'. He has always been not only a steady hand in my life but a teacher and for that I will always count my blessings.

What’s one thing you own that you should throw out but probably ever will ?

LOL. I have a teddy bear that my brother handed down to me. I can't seem to give it away, not even to my kids. He just stands watch over a closet in my home. Man it has to be over 40 years old and is tattered. But nope, I'll never toss it or give it away

One thing Brian should throw out but never will – the Bear!
One thing Brian should throw out but never will – the Bear!

What do you spend too much money on but not regret?

Travel. Tomorrow is not promised. You can't take money with you when you pass, all you will have is your memories and the memories of the people you have met along the way. So spend it, travel, meet people. Burn your goodness into as many people from as many walks of life that you possibly can. Regret nothing!!

Tomorrow is not promised.

What’s next for PussFoot, what’s your vision?

Sky's the limit. I would really like to see us provide more travel content for all the readers. I would also like to see PussFoot get more involved with Veterans. (hint, hint, something big on the way!) However I will not limit PussFoot in terms of growth. When I see opportunity for growth I will take it.