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Celebrity Skydive

Jumping out of a plane can be a life-changing experience. My Mum was inspired at the age of 60 by doing a tandem skydive. It gave her the confidence to attack her retirement by taking up all sorts of new challenges. She said when she felt she couldn't do something new, she thought “Well I've jumped out of an aeroplane at 14,000 feet, I can do anything!“

Which celebrities have taken on the skydive challenge?

We found five recent celebrities who've made a tandem skydive, videos of their jumps are below. Included is a footballer who overcame his fear of heights, a risk-taking Hollywood actor, and a reality star who used the sport as a signal of her love for life. They were all blown away by the feeling of skydiving, great news to promote our sport!

Wayne Bridge

Footballer Wayne Bridge had a life-altering experience when he overcame his fear of heights jumping out of a helicopter for British reality TV show, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. He was brave considering it was the first challenge he faced on the show, and he's quite clearly petrified in the door. The video above shows a great moment in freefall when 'Aargh' changes to 'Wow!' After overcoming his fear, and even enjoying the skydive, Wayne went on to finish fifth in the show.

Miley Cyrus

In 2013, Miley Cyrus fulfilled an ambition to go skydiving. The Rolling Stone cover star convinced the magazine to take her on a tandem skydive and the event was filmed for the magazine’s website. Cyrus told the skydiving instructor that if she dies “you guys are f*ckers.” Despite being terrified on the plane the pop star loved the jump. Under canopy she called out “I’m finally like a bird like I always wanted to be.” Warning – language not suitable for young children! ;-)

Chris Evans

Clearly throwing stars out of planes is now standard for magazine interviews as the Captain America star agreed to skydive for Esquire. While waiting to take off, Chris confessed the night before he'd been thinking about 'what if the parachute didn’t open'. To make himself feel better he researched the fatality rate, “It’s, like, 0.0006 fatalities per one thousand jumps. So I figure our odds are pretty good.”

Bill Murray

In 2008 legendary actor Bill Murray skydived over Chicago with the Golden Knights. The jump was part of the opening of the 50th Chicago Air and Water Show, according to the New York Daily News, who covered the skydive. The comic actor is known for his roles in iconic films such as Ghostbusters. Like Bill Murray, the original film is considered an important part of cinema history and has spawned a remake alongside many digital spin-offs including the Ghostbuster slot game, launched on the popular online gaming platform Slingo. Bill was cool as a cucumber in the plane, cracking jokes all the way to altitude, and – in our opinion – outclassing the other celebs here!

Michael Fassbender does a tandem jump
Michael Fassbender does a tandem jump

Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender is known for taking on dangerous and exciting roles, and wanted to try skydiving for the second time. He recommends that everyone should try it before it's too late. US news site Edmonton Sun reported that the actor told British GQ how much he admired skydiving. “It’s an incredible feeling. And that’s the thing that blows my mind about human beings: someone, somewhere first had that idea to jump out of a plane and free fall.”

Yes Michael, you get it!