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Charting Continuity

Rhythm continuity plan

If you’re looking for some help learning or coaching the 4-way dive pool, then take a look at this…

Tools of the trade

SDC Rhythm is one of the top US 4-way teams, working their way up the leader board since 2007. A team that started out with a 14.5 average and progressed to a 20+average team within 4 years. Hand in hand with their competitive drive is their passion for coaching and they are pro-active in sharing their tools of the trade. 

SDC Rhythm have recently re-worked the dive pool diagrams tailoring them to reflect their latest techniques and continuity. This is the first  version I have seen published where block technique is broken down into bite-size chunks rather than just one 'block inter' picture. Rhythm show the key target pictures guiding you through the block technique giving a valuable insight into what helps guarantee consistency.

rhythm continuity

Beginner to AAA

The links below cater not only for experienced AAA teams but also the 'Starter Continuity’ diagrams provide intermediate teams with the initial stepping stones to learning a new block.  

They say a picture speaks a thousand words which makes this resource a treasure trove of information.

The 'mind maps' are available in various formats, from 'Book Style' with one block per page plus space to add your own notes, to 'Mininuity' which has everything on one (large) page.

Rhythm Skydiving Continuity and Block Technique

While you're at the freshly revamped Rhythm website, check out their other resources for 4-way teams; a dive draw, tracking tool, articles, links and more. All completely free, thank you very much Rhythm! :)

SDC Rhythm — by Alex Bittner
SDC Rhythm — by Alex Bittner