Clash of Champions 2015

Hosted by: Lesley Gale

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  • 12:28

    To Be Continued...

    This is it! The move that's getting the biggest cheers of the competition by Russia's Tunnel Rats team (Mikhail Razomazov & Mikhail Razomazov). Their whole free routine is choreographed to perfection, but this is the crowd-pleaser for sure.

    As the Live Stream is now broadcasting on a different channel, you can find the final part of this event here

  • 05:45

    Round 9 for the Champions

    Wow! Just brilliant to watch! The crowd has been gradually building through the round, as the 4-way teams who have finished their round come to watch their idols. The speed of flying lifts with each team in the chamber and the excitement mounts. The Golden Knights 4-way fly with the presence of a truly top class team … in come Weembi Lille, currently in third, they fly their hearts out with an impressive speed and accuracy. At the end, a little thumbs-up from Roy shows they are happy with that _ and so they should be… now Airspeed.. the crowd hushes and we see a blur of arms and legs … next HAYABUSA .. oops, I didn’t mean to write the capitals but it’s kind of appropriate! Jeroen has the big tail move on the 10 and has an amazing technqiue of corkscrewing himself round over Dave, then flicking Dave round to finish the block – I’m sure Dave does a bit of work too! ;-) .. it looks amazing, a super fast round for sure. You can’t tell till the judges score but I feel they may even have extended their lead.

  • 05:30
    We chat to Golden Knights spokesperson Matt Davidson on day 2 of competition

    Chat with Golden Knights spokesperson

    Inflight Dubai had a chat with Matt Davidson the Golden Knights spokesperson

    >> Read More
  • 05:30
    We chat to Golden Knights spokesperson Matt Davidson on day 2 of competition

    Chat with Golden Knights spokesperson

    Inflight Dubai had a chat with Matt Davidson the Golden Knights spokesperson

    >> Read More
  • 05:15

    4-way Round 9

    The manifest is now running in order of position of the scoreboard, so we will end with the best teams, adding to the excitement we all feel today. (this will be the same for all disciplines). The round 9 is potentially fast: E, N, 10, B. (Meeker, Crank, Diamond-Bunyip, Stairstep Diamond) Block 10 is always entertaining to watch with an aggressive tail move.

    See manifest for details.

    (If you slept through round 9 you can watch it on playback on the Clash of Champions web page)

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  • 14:00

    Useful links

    Clash of Champions 2015
Mini Maktoum

    Detailed scores are on the inTime website

    Schedule, manifest and much more at the Clash of Champions web page

    News and snippets are on the Clash of Champions Facebook page

    Photos are on the Inflight Dubai Facebook page

  • 13:59

    End of Day 2

    Schedule Sat 28 Nov

    The second day of Clash of Champions has drawn to a close for competitors, who are prepping the dives for tomorrow, or socialising on the ambient balcony overlooking the stunning Skydive Dubai Desert Campus and a vast expanse of golden sandy dunes. The teams of FS and dynamic judges have cranked out the scores fast as they are able.

    Results so far

    The leaders in 4- and 8-way FS are described in an earlier update. The nail-biter of the competition is who is going to win between Airspeed and Hayabusa. In 8-way the leaders look decided but there will be a great battle between Russia and Belgium for the bronze medal and the prize money.

    In D2W, Firefly Singapore have edged back into third in front of Windoor, with Hurricane Factory Ravens in second place behind Mini Maktoum, who look comfortable in first place. In dynamic 4-way the current World Champions Windoor Warriors are in the lead, ahead of Inflight Dubai Skynamic and Voss Vind. Looking at the scores for the free rounds it’s obvious why they need judges who are very experienced flyers, since many of the teams whose free rounds I most enjoyed watching (and would have scored highly had I been a judge) are nearer the bottom of the board, presumably because they weren’t as technically hard as the higher scoring teams.

    The schedule for tomorrow is above (click the photo to enlarge it), the meet kicks off at 9am Dubai time with round 9 of AAA 4-way. All competitors have 2 rounds yet to do. The dynamic flyers have a free round and a speed round. After the competition itself ends there is a bonus ‘4-way FS AAA Battle’, which is a single round mini-competition to win an iPad (well, presumably four iPads) and perhaps some other goodies. The draw will be an all-random round, it’s going to be exciting to watch. With the quality of the field it could be a hard task for the judges!!! There is also a Surprise comp and a Best Trick.

  • 12:25

    D2W Upset

    Clash of Champions 2015
TEAM FIREFLY Kyra Poh and Choo Yi Xuan (aged 11& 12 on Jan 2014) who are Youth Ambassadors of iFLY Singapore.

    Firefly Singapore (pictured), the popular team of Kyra and Yi won one of the free rounds, and came second in the other, to Hurricane Factory. Sadly Firefly had a low scoring speed round 6 and slipped out of the top three, to fourth place. Hurricane Factory edged into second behind Mini Maktoum, who have a commanding lead and the total support of the crowd. Windoor are in third, with Atmosphere XP in fifth, having scored third best in the free rounds. Airspace Dynamight are in sixth place.

    D2W Scores

  • 12:08

    Win a brand-new iPad Air 2 !!


    There is a competition going on here to win an iPad, by taking the most original and creative selfie. People here in Dubai are using the Clash of Champions frame but everyone at home can enter as well, just by posting their cool selfie on Facebook and hash tagging 'ClashofChampions'.

  • 12:04


    In 8-way Golden Knights are way out in front of Weembi Lille but there is a fight going on for bronze medal between Tanay (Russia) and Thunderbirds (Belgium). Tanay stamped a 5 point lead over Belgium in the first round, but since then Thunderbirds have beaten them on 2 rounds and drew on one, narrowing the gap to just 2 points with 6 rounds to go. The standard of skydiving is incredible here. Team Asaar are flying beautifully and are on an impressive 19.5 average - and are in sixth place!

    This is after 4 rounds have been scored, they have flown another 2 rounds that ar yet to be scored, and have another 2 to go later today.

  • 11:48

    Epic Battle

    Weembi Lille Team at Chash of Champions 2015

    There is an incredible fight going on in the 4-way FS between Airspeed and Hayabusa. It’s been 3 years since we’ve seen a battle like this, which the last time these teams met at Dubai, then at the World Championships in 2012, where it was neck and neck all the way.. win a round, lose a round and so on, all the way to a win for Airspeed by a single point. Since then the teams have met a few times and Hayabusa has always come out on top. Now Airspeed has regrouped and strengthened. they have changed two team members since Dubai 2012 (Mark Kirkby and Josh Hall out, Niklas Hemlin and Chris Farina in). No-one can call it on who will win; both teams are outstanding, on form and with a deep-rooted fire to win. Dead level after 6 rounds, Hayabusa had an outstanding round 7, scoring 41 with a 3 random-one block puzzle (2, H, P, D), two points ahead of Airspeed. They drew the next round and end the competition day two points in front, with everything to play for in the last 2 rounds.

    Weembi Lille (pictured) scored a 25 with one bust on round 7, and end the day 7 points behind Airspeed and 14 points clear of GK4 behind them. Thunder had a fantastic day and are lying in equal fifth place with Qatar Tigers and Black Cat, all on 216. This truly is a Clash of Champions!

    4-way Scores

  • 10:57
    The format of the competition, with live transmission and an audience here watching us flying, it's one of the best competitions I have ever seen. When we enter the tunnel we feel pressure being watched by the people, from my friends at home in France to the public just outside the glass. We are the poor relation in sport, we didn't have such a good relationship with the public but now this is completely changed with this competition. Probably this is what will attract sponsors – one day! 
  • 10:48
    AK'démie Aerokart is present at Clash of Champions 2015‬

    Catching up with the Aerokart Academy

    Who are all these talented French youngsters skydiving so well in the Inflight Dubai Clash of Champions?...

    >> Read More
  • 07:59

    2WD Free Round 3

    Clash of Champions 2015

    Firefly Singapore again knocked out a flawless, jaw-dropping performance. Dynamight (Belgium), have been adding more technical content and becoming tighter and cleaner throughout the year.. super nice double breakers. Atmosphere XP had a technically difficult routine and terrific skills but lacking the supwer-showy tricks we’ve come to expect from the XP stable. Illuminati (UK) presented a varied routine with a nice head-to-head somersault and showing great control. Flying4Kids from iFly Austin showcased their variety and quality of flying with some gymnastic tricks and a cool exit. They raised money for their trip in a charity initiative and are giving the excess to a children’s foundation. The Russian team Tunnel Rats are value for money, throwing in so many ‘wowser’ tricks you didn’t dare look away for a second. Realfly Zion competing as a guest team, and having to make up a 2-way routine last minute, showed sweet flying and an unusual ending, standing on the net and doing air guitar for the judges.

    The exits are not so varied or interesting as in the [Prague] competition, due to the smaller amount of space by the door. That concludes the free rounds for D2W for the day, there are 2 speed rounds to go. Tomorrow will be one speed round and one free round for each. The scores will take a while to be confirmed, there are 19 teams and the judges want to take the time to review the videos later (as well as scoring live) to be sure they put the teams in the correct order.

  • 07:00
    The tunnel did a great job today… This is the ultimate 4-way competition with the highest ever level overall - we are in 11th place with a 25 average!!! 
  • 06:59

    Weembi Lille

    … scores just in for Weembi Lille on round 5, they scored a clean 33, equalling Hayabusa. So they stay in third place, two behind Hayabusa, who are 2 behind Airspeed. We are halfway through the meet and it’s anyone’s game at the top. These three have pulled away from the pack slightly, GK4 are 9 points behind on 138, ahead of Canada (134). The last few rounds can be more technical, it’s very exciting!

  • 06:47
    We can’t turn it up a notch, it’s either on or off!  
  • 06:46

    Round 5 scores

    The round 5 scores for AAA are coming in .. Airspeed scored a clean 34, Hayabusa a 33 with one bust, putting Airspeed 2 points ahead. Thunder and the French National team both scored 31, nice one Thunder (Belgium) for a non-professional team to equal a full time team, is super cool GK4, a 30… Evolution and Black Cat 29… Weembi Lille still to be scored .. just starting round 6….

    4-way Scores

  • 06:28

    AAA 4-way Round 5

    golden knights 4 and Solly, their coach

    A spinny-spinny round with 7, O, 15, (Buddies, satellite, cat-cat) and hard to set up the buddies (7) coming out of the 15. Hayabusa lost 2 points on the previous round to busts and seemed that they were skydiving a tad more cautiously… they did not look so fast as previous rounds, perhaps this round will go to Airspeed ? We shall see, what the heck to I know?! It looks like a go-for-it round on paper but is hard to get a flow to the dive, lots of turns but change of direction. The Russians brought their interesting engineering to the table, with a much more flowing puzzle than the rest-of-the-world standard stuff. Gavroches flew with French aplomb. Qatar looked neat and calm and will probably score well.

    The French National teams, male and female, showed the maximum body pitch that is the French style, with fast turns and lots of knees. GK4 (pictured) started fast and furious but fluffed a couple of grips (well, touches, that’s all the top teams do these days), then seemed to back the pace down a whisker. At the incredible pace they are flying at, just a tiny hint of a suggestion of a mistake costs dearly. Weembi Lille finished the round with an incredible fire, you could almost see smoke from their bootees!

    I can hardly wait to see the scores from this round (like the rest of the world)

  • 05:54

    4-way Dynamic Free Round

    Dynamos (UK) kicked off the free round in D4W, with a polished, stylish and imaginative routine, I especially loved the 4-way round manoeuvre where they change orientation and flip through each other. In-flight Dubai’s routine was technical, with many changes of direction and style, showing off every type of flying and using all of this massive tunnel. Windoor Warriors (Spain) were like Cirque de Soleil ! Beautifully synchronised gymnastic manoeuvres and tumbles, I think they were the most perfectly in tune of any of the flyers. Just beautiful to watch!

  • 05:44

    2-way Dynamic Free round

    Clash of Champions 2015
D2W from Canada

Monika Wittmer & Benoit Lemay are projecting in one of their routines a well executed "dance as a couple" where they are holding hands and at the same time doing interesting moves inside the tunnel. They are telling a story which makes the routine very interesting to see from the begining until the end.

    The live stream has been interrupted but the competition is still running, they are almost finished the free round of D2W, flying for an appreciative audience. UK’s Dynamos began the round with a very polished performance, Jamie is such a talented flyer and it seems he can turn his hand to anything , also having a freefly team (velocity) and AA 4-way team. Dubai’s Mini Maktoum were super polished and synchronised. Singapore Firefly were elegant and inspired. The Canadian routine again wowed the crowd with their funky dance moves and inspired choreography (Monica and Ben are pictured above). The Russians always bring something new to the party and had the most originality, with a few moves that made the crowd gasp and clap. Airbenders from Poland made a much cleaner routine than yesterday, pulling off their tricks. Every team was fantastic to watch, a fine way to start the day!

  • 05:24

    2-way Dynamic

    Clash of Champions 2015

    The competition has started with the a free round of Dynamic. The judges were here till late last night, watching all the free rounds again and again to determine the placings. The result .. it's still a landslide for the youth, with Mini Maktoum in first, Firefly Singapore (pictured) in second, and a so-called grown-up team in third, Windoor Warriors.

  • 05:16
    It’s wonderful to have so many young people interested in skydiving and tunnel flying...If we can encourage the next generation of tunnel flyers to progress and display their skills, then this Clash of Champions will have been a major success no matter who takes home the medals in each category 
  • 05:04
    I watched some of the dynamic - little do I know about it but it seems that the level of flying is really high! 
  • 05:02

    Ready – Set – Nearly Go!

    Clash of Champions 2015

    The countdown has started to the day, once again we're running a tad late, but the competition should start in 15 minutes, with the a free round of Dynamic. The judges were here till late last night, watching all the free rounds again and again to determine the placings. The result .. it's still a landslide for the youth, with Mini Maktoum in first, Firefly Singapore (pictured) in second, and a so-called grown-up team in third, Windoor Warriors, the current World Champions, fresh from their victory in Prague.

  • 05:02

    Ready – Set – Nearly Go!

    Clash of Champions 2015

    The countdown has started to the day, once again we're running a tad late, but the competition should start in 15 minutes, with the a free round of Dynamic. The judges were here till late last night, watching all the free rounds again and again to determine the placings. The result .. it's still a landslide for the youth, with Mini Maktoum in first, Firefly Singapore (pictured) in second, and a so-called grown-up team in third, Windoor Warriors, the current World Champions, fresh from their victory in Prague.

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  • 12:58

    End of Day 1

    Schedule Friday 27 Nov

    The meet is done for the day, the competition has run almost flawlessly, apart from a 27-minute delay in the beginning. There is a great spirit here. Tomorrow’s schedule is above (click the picture if the times aren;t clear on your screen). Timings are for Dubai, UAE, so adjust for your region of the world. If you don’t want to get up in the middle of the night you can watch the playback of the live stream on this site, or on the Clash of Champions website, which also has scores, the manifest with the jump order and more. Scores are being added to this site but to catch up with the final 8-way scores you may be faster to check In Time.

    There is another full day tomorrow, and then Saturday is a short day, followed by prize giving and party, Dubai-style!

    See you in the morning.

  • 12:51

    Bust City!

    As they begin round 4, the scores are starting to come in for round 1… Golden Knights .. 34!!!!! Outrageous. The French National Team and Tanay, the Russians, in equal second with 29. Thunderbirds and Qatar equal on 24.. Asaar Dubai on 21.. Monaco .. 7 !! Oh dear! Their dive was a catalogue of busts, they didn’t build the first formation as one guy was standing on the net. Overall they lost 6 points to busts - and if Jim had his way they’d have lost nine!

    8-way Scores

  • 11:52

    D4W Free Round

    Mini Maktoum perform a nice clean, safe routine before Inflight Dynamic, the home team, bring the house down, using every inch of the tunnel and pulling off some never-seen-before tricks that defy description. It was so good to see the sportsmanship shown by Mini Maktoum, rushing over to hi-five their fellow competitors.

    The immense height and visibility of the Inflight Dubai tunnel offers competitors a larger stage than usual to show what they can do, leading to more movement, more interweaving and more air miles than usual.

  • 11:45

    D2W - Free Round

    Flyspot team - AIRBENDERS (Maja Kuczynska & Andrzej Sołtykare) are competing at Inflight Dubai in Dynamic 2way category.

    I’ve found out why so many teams are breaking the one-minute barrier in the speed round, it’s because they only fly 3 pages here where previous competitions have been four pages. They are also using a different dive pool than at the first FAI indoor competition, offering many more variations.

    They are now into the first free round of the competition (following 2 rounds of speed). Till now the juniors are running away with the competition, what will the showcase round bring? Both teams of Dynamos are first up, and bring a few tricks to the table, to many cheers, followed by current leaders Mini Maktoum, whose performance was a delight and of course brought the house down. The tiny girls of Firefly Singapore perform a fantastic and technical routine beautifully, my favourite so far. Inflight Dubai use every inch of the tunnel they know so well. Benika from Canada have a dance-inspired routine, very different with lots of original moves, twists, docks and flying linked.

    RealFly Zion have had to pull out of the 4-way competition due to Raf Schwaiger being ill (vertigo, he gets dizzy when he goes upside-down, not good for freeflying). Two of their members are now entering the 2-way dynamic, as a guest team due to late entry.

    The atmosphere here is terrific, with many of the 4-way competitors now happily watching the action. By ether clever scheduling or sheer good luck, the free rounds are the perfect entertainment for them. In the 4-way and 8-way FS then only the very top teams (or the kids!) received applause. Now, each routine brings a new flavour, a different move or an unusual twist, and every team without exception is being cheered by an enthusiastic crowd. It’s truly a fantastic show!

  • 11:14
    I’m enjoying the judging, but it’s harder work than I expected. The hardest thing is the emotional factor of busting your mates! 
  • 11:13

    4-way Done for the Day

    The Canadians relaxing between rounds

    The 4-way FS is done for today with 4 rounds. Some competitors such as Monaco, Qatar Tigers, Hayabusa and Thunder are continuing with the 8-way competition; others such as Airspeed are taking the rest of the day off. “We’re exhausted after doing a full 4 minutes’ work” , said Thomas Hughes (Airspeed)

    Round 4 saw the lead change yet again, as I think it will continue to do so all competition. Airspeed took 3 points off Hayabusa, pulling into the lead by 2 points. The surprise of today most certainly has been Weembi Lille who, although they have an awesome line-up of multiple World Champions (Matthieu and Guillome Bernier, Roy Janssen & Julien Degen), have only done 3 hours training prior to the meet. To beat professional full-time teams that have been training all year should be virtually impossible! Yet they bettered Airspeed on one round and Hayabusa on two. Once a champion, always a champion!

    Other notables … the Canadians in fifth with a new team member and hardly any jumps this year, beating many more trained teams. (pictured, relaxing between rounds). The GK4 are slowly pulling away from the French ladies, though not with the lead of the previous competition in Prague.

  • 09:24

    Thrilling competition in 4-way AAA

    This is a battle of the giants. Airspeed won the first round by 2 points ahead of Hayabusa, who countered by pulling back 2 points on the second round, making a draw, and kicking it up to take a point from Airspeed on round 3… now standing at 88 points to Hayabusa, 87 points Airspeed and 85 to Weembi Lille. GK4 and Evolution are close on 81 and 80 respectively.

    This is a phenomenal competition!


  • 09:10

    Kids on Top!

    Mini Maktoum

    Oh my goodness! After one round of Dynamic 2-way, then Mini Maktoum are leading the field! They had the fastest time of 53.13 seconds, followed by Windoor on 54.88 – then another junior team in third Place, Firefly Singapore with 55.11. EIGHT teams out of a field of 19 broke the one-minute barrier, phenomenal!

  • 09:04

    Dynamic 4-way, Round 1

    The Dynamos kicked off the D4w round too, nice and clean… followed by the crowdpleasers, local team Mini Maktoum.. who fly really well then almost run into eacher and bust the round to a huge “ooooh’ by the audience. Local team Inflight Dubai are fast and furious, and get the best score yet, 1:29 to huge noise from the appreciative onlookers.

  • 07:19

    XP go faster!

    Atmosphere XP also break the minute barrier with a time just under 56 seconds! What a competition!

  • 07:16

    Breaking the Minute Barrier!

    clash of champions logo

    Montreal Express of Canada are showing an incredible time of just over 56 seconds which, if confirmed, could be the first of.ficial score of under one minute for a speed round.

  • 07:09

    Dynamic 2-way

    Firefly singapore

    Jamie Arnold and Tom Warboys of the Dynamos kick off the D2W competition, with a clean round and much applause. Mini Maktoum get a massive cheer from the crowd, they also are clean, and fly so neatly it’s like looking at radio-controlled models. The children are taking the hearts of the crowd here, with Maja and Andrzej of Airbenders followed by Firefly Singapore (pictured) also getting high applause. Airbenders are not clean but they had a new dive pool to learn. Firefly do a perfect round. The youngsters are impressive flyers and will be competitive against the ‘grown-ups’ !

  • 07:04

    Dynamic 2-way

    Firefly singapore

    Jamie and Ricardo of the Dynamos kick off the D2W competition, with a clean round and much applause. Mini Maktoum get a massive cheer from the crowd, they also are clean, and fly so neatly it’s like looking at radio-controlled models. The children are taking the hearts of the crowd here, with Maja and Andrzej of Airbenders followed by Firefly Singapore (pictured) also getting high applause. Airbenders are not clean but they had a new dive pool to learn. Firefly do a perfect round. The youngsters are impressive flyers and will be competitive against the ‘grown-ups’ ! How many sports would that be possible ?!

  • 06:50

    Correction, link to round 1

    Round 1 scores


  • 06:45

    Airspeed in the Lead!

    Airspeed 4-way

    The scores for round 1 shock the building!!! World Champions Hayabusa are in third place with 26. Weembi Lille, the team with former teammate Roy Janssen are ahead of them with 27, and Airspeed are in the lead with 28!

    A 3-way tie behind between GK4, Qatar Tigers and Canada Evolution on 24 points …. then just 1 point behind, the French female team, then another 3-way tie between Thunder, Black Cat and Les Gavroches on 22. WOW!!
    This competition was well-named – Clash of Champions for sure!

    [Scores, round 1](In time (

  • 06:28



    The biggest cheer of the competition so far just went to Hard Core Handholders, a team including Jarrett Martin who rolled his wheelchair up to the tunnel and was corralled in by his teammates.

    Also getting huge cheers are the kids’ teams. There is a massive contingent here from France, across all levels of the 4-way. The French have had a huge project to coach young people, and they have a lot of under-age teams here. Plus, the Skyblockers from Singapore and more inspiring youngsters.

  • 06:15

    4-way FS, Round 1

    The competition has just begin, with Monaco in the tunnel, then Hayabusa, super aggressive, they have won the last 11 tunnel meets in a row, undefeated wind machine champions for a long, long time.

    The round is J, 13, 8, Thunder do a great job with a vertical 8, to keep this big block inside the airflow.

    Tenanine, a team with Martial Ferre and Marco Arrigo, have a few glitches but are powering through the points. Qatar are on form, just as in Prague.

    Airspeed look outrageous! They were defeated by Hayabusa the last time they met .. but of course Airspeed always manage to reinvent themselves and come back stronger. It will be a great fight for sure.

    Evolution, last year's bronze medallists at the world meet, now have a new team member in place of Katie Woods, they have all of 17 jumps with this line-up! But 7 hours of tunnel are paying off and they look on form .. though of course they should need more time together to reach the level they were at with the previous line-up. They now have the same line-up as with their World Champion VFS team.

    Weembi Lille, the ex-National French 4-way with Roy Janssen in the mix, look very very strong, good to see Roy back competing, he left Hayabusa in 2014. The current French National team look fierce, it will be interesting to see the battle between the old and new! On paper the trained new guys ‘should’ win but experience counts for a lot, and the desire to win even more.

    The ladies French team are ready to rematch the GK4, who slaughtered them in Prague just a few weeks ago.

    The field is possibly the best collection of really top level teams I've ever seen. Hayabusa are by now well established as the 'best' team in the world and used to winning every round, or only conceding to Airspeed. That may not happen here… let's see. For sure they are happy to see Airspeed here, competition can be the source of extra performance as the desire to win pushes a team to new heights.

  • 05:28

    The Draw

    All the draws are in the updates below. Talking to Gary Smith, the coach of Hayabusa, he said it's nothing spectacular; neither fast or slow. He expects that the rounds which favour Hayabusa also favour Airspeed, and they are in the second half of the competition.

    There are some really top level teams here: Hayabusa, Airspeed, Thunder, Black Cat, Weembi Lille, which is an all-stars team of World Champions: Roy Janssen, Guillome and Mathieu Bernier, and Julien Degen…. Les Gavroches

  • 05:18

    4-way and 8-way Rules

    Pete Allum

    Pete Allum is Meet director for the FS. He and Steve Hamilton are also judging, alongside such well known judges as Karla Cole, Jim Rees, Thierry, Claire Venter and more. It's exciting to see competitors in the judging room… not FAI rated but we all trust Pete and Steve!!

    In the welcome briefing yesterday Pete explained a few rules they had amended from FAI rules, or added… Touching the walls or the floor with your hands or other part of your body is okay, it will not result in a penalty (in the recent FAI comp at Prague, the French teams were heavily busted for this). Their reasoning is that generally there is no advantage to be gained by touching the walls, and most often this happens as a result of a mistake, or overcrowding for example in 8-way.

    However, if you are belly flying and you place a foot on the floor, ie you stand up, then you are no longer belly flying so that will result in a penalty.

    If your helmet or weight belt comes off then the tunnel will be stopped for safety reasons but then the team will stop scoring (just as, if your reserve deploys prematurely in freefall you would stop scoring).

    Other than that the rules are as you would expect.

  • 05:11

    The Beginning!

    The atmosphere in the tunnel is building up, with a DJ spinning tunes, the pulse of this enormous facility is throbbing with excitement. The first round of 4-way is about to start. There is a great sporting atmosphere here, with competitors shaking hands and hi-fiving each other before the meet gets under way. We have a slight delay for technical reasons, the comp will begin in about 10 minutes

  • ▼   Wednesday, 25 November '15   ▼

  • 15:31

    Dynamic Draw

    The draws for all events are now posted here (scroll down for the ones you're interested in. Scores will be posted on the InTime website.



    Round 1 Speed
    Head-down Inface Snake – Bottom Loop – Head-down Shuffler

    Round 2 Speed
    Head-up Inface Snake – Layout – Mix Shuffler

    Round 3 Speed
    Mix Snake – Classic – Head-down Outface Shuffler

    Round 4 Speed
    Head-down Switching Snake – Interlace – Head-down Inface Circles

    Round 5 Speed
    Head-up Switching Snake – Bottom Loop 360 – Mix Circles


    Round 1 Speed
    Head-down Switching Snake – Butterfly – Head-down Inface Circles

    Round 2 Speed
    Snake 360 – Opposite Bottom Loop – Head-down Shuffler

    Round 3 Speed
    Head-up Inface Snake – Bottom Loop 360 – Head-down Outface Shuffler

    Round 4 Speed
    Head-down Outface Snake – Layout – Mix Shuffler

    Round 5 Speed
    Head-down Inface Snake – Classic – Head-up Inface Circles

  • 15:11

    AA and A 4-way FS Draw

    The draw for the junior categories is as follows:

    FS 4-way AA

    Round 1. D, A, 15
    Round 2. 8, 2
    Round 3. K, 22, Q
    Round 4. 14, J, M
    Round 5. L, 21, F
    Round 6. 13, 11
    Round 7. N, 1, 19
    Round 8. O, 4, 6
    Round 9. E, G, B, 18
    Round 10. C, 9, P
    Fly-off: 7, H, 20

    FS 4-way A

    Round 1. K, L, 19
    Round 2. 6, 4
    Round 3. N, 7
    Round 4. D, 2
    Round 5. O, M, B
    Round 6. P, 9
    Round 7. E, 21
    Round 8. G, Q, H
    Round 9. C, J, 8
    Round 10. F, A, 21
    Fly-off: 2, H

  • 15:04

    The 4-way Draw

    Arizona Airspeed

    Here is the senior FS draw:

    4-way AAA

    Round 1. J, 13, 8
    Round 2. K, 20, 5
    Round 3. 9, 21,19
    Round 4. C, 3, 6
    Round 5. 7, O, 15
    Round 6. A, 18, 1
    Round 7. 2, H, P, D
    Round 8. 16, L, 11
    Round 9. E, N, 10, B
    Round 10. 12, Q, F, 22
    Fly-off: 17, 14, G


    Round 1. L, F, C, 7
    Round 2. 5, 6, 19
    Round 3. 2, 9, 3
    Round 4. G, A, 12, 10
    Round 5. B, 11, 22
    Round 6. 16, 1, 21
    Round 7. K, M, 18, P
    Round 8. E, O, J, 8
    Round 9. Q, 17, 15
    Round 10. N, H, 4, D
    Fly-off: 13, F, 22

  • 13:40

    Schedule, Thursday 26 November

    Schedule Thursday 26 Nov

    Here is the schedule for the first day of competition, Thurs 26 Nov,when the Live Stream (above) will start broadcasting, at 08:30 am.

    NB, the schedule is in DUBAI time, so adjust to your local time (handy converter link below). To save you setting your alarm for the middle of the night, you can also replay the Live stream above, or use the playback feature on the Clash of Champions website

    World Time Buddy

  • 13:35
    Commentator Domi Kiger previews the 2015 Clash of Champions

    Domi Kiger previews Clash of Champions

    Commentator Domi Kiger talks about the Clash of Champions competition, which starts tomorrow, the draw and welcome for competitors is being done tonight.

    >> Read More
  • 13:33
    It's the first time we meet Airspeed at a competition since the Wind Games so we're really looking forward to it 
  • 13:02

    Practice Flights have begun!

    schedule 2

    All teams have 15 minutes of practice time included in the entry. The atmosphere has been building up over the last few days here, with more teams arriving each day. Many have been training for a few hours and we've seen body pilots of all types; freeflyers, belly flyers, dynamic flyers, 8-way, 4-way, single a, triple A, children and dogs (well, I lied about the canines).

    Teams have just begun their practice flights. Each team has 2 minutes to fly and determine the wind speed they will be using in the competition. This is their last chance to enter the tunnel before the meet starts tomorrow. After the practice flights will be the opening ceremony and the all-exciting draw.

  • ▲   Wednesday, 25 November '15   ▲

  • The Field

    In belly fly, there are seven teams in 8-way, twenty-one in AAA 4-way, eight in AA 4-way and eleven in single A. There is a great turnout for 2-way dynamic, with eighteen teams. in D4W there are seven teams. Just two individuals have entered the ‘Surprise’ competition – unless there are more we don’t know about, that being the surprise(!).. and eight competitors in the ‘Best trick’, which should prove an entertaining aspect. The full team list is below.


    The welcome briefing, draw and practice flights are today, Wednesday 24 Novemebeer, and the competition itself will be run over three days, 26-29 November, the schedules are to the right hand side in the Live Center.

    All times are local to Dubai, ie, the United Arab Emirates. A live stream will be running here at, where we will be posting written real time updates so you can catch up if you miss some action. If due to time differences you miss the live action, you can replay the stream above, or at the competition website, which is at

    Team List

    FS 8way

    Asaar Dubai (UAE)
    French National Team (FRA)
    Golden Knights (USA)
    Monaco (MCO)
    Qatar Falcons (QAT)
    Tanay (RUS)
    ThunderBirds (BEL)

    FS 4way AAA

    ACM (GBR)
    Aerokart AK Demie 1 (FRA)
    Arizona Airspeed (USA)
    Asaar Dubai Black (UAE)
    Asaar Dubai Gold (UAE)
    Asaar Dubai Red (UAE)
    Barguzin (RUS)
    Black Cat (RUS)
    Canada Evolution (CAN)
    French 4 way Female fly-in (FRA)
    French 4 way Open fly-in (FRA)
    Golden Knights Female 4-Way (USA)
    Hayabusa (BEL)
    Hurricane Factory Bad Boys (CZE)
    Infringers (RUS)
    Les Gavroches (FRA)
    Monaco (MCO)
    Qatar Tigers (QAT)
    Tenanine (MRT)
    Thunder ISR (BEL)
    Weembi Lille (FRA)

    FS 4way AA

    Aerokart AK Demie 2 (FRA)
    Asaar Ladies (UAE)
    Bahrain (BHR)
    Expat Fury (GBR)
    Flyspot Chicks (POL)
    Hurricane Factory Chicks (CZE)
    Hvezdy BS (CZE)
    Vertigo (UAE)

    FS 4way A

    A Team (SGP)
    Aerokart AK Demie 3 (FRA)
    Alate (UAE)
    Amnesya RW4 (ITA)
    Blue Phenix (FRA)
    Flatnamic (UAE)
    Flying Circus (CZE)
    Hardcore Hand Holders (UAE)
    Last Minute (FRA)
    Made in USSR (UAE)
    Skyblockers Singapore (SGP)


    Airbenders (POL)
    Airspace Dynamight (AUT)
    Atmosphere XP (USA)
    Benika (CAN)
    Bottrop Twin Turtles (DEU)
    Dynamos BLACK (GBR)
    Dynamos RED (GBR)
    Firefly Singapore (SGP)
    Flying4Kids (USA)
    Hurricane Factory Ravens (CZE)
    Illuminati (GBR)
    Inflight Dubai Imperium (UAE)
    Inverted (USA)
    Maktoum Junior (UAE)
    Mini Maktoum (UAE)
    Montreal Xpress (CAN)
    Password is TACO (UAE)


    Firnas (UAE)
    Inflight Dubai Skynamic (UAE)
    Mini Maktoum (UAE)
    Realfly Sion (CHE)
    The Dynamos (GBR)
    Voss Vind (NOR)
    Windoor (ESP)
    Windoor Warriors (FRA)

    Surprise Competition

    Guillaume Boileau
    James Arnold

    Best trick

    David Reader
    Guillaume Boileau
    James Arnold
    Kaleigh Wittenburg
    Kuczynska Maja
    Noah Wittenburg
    Rafael Schwaiger
    Soltyk Andrzej