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'Cloud Vizualization' by Dekunu

Skydiving debriefs from a new perspective!

Check out the video below for a super cool application of science!

Dekunu Cloud Viz platform

Dive into data with overhead maps, jump run overlay, DZ hazards and action points for exit, opening and landings. Check out your jump in 3D, analyse turn heights, distances, and speeds – and, the coolest thing – overlay it with your other jumps or your mates.

The Dekunu One is a SmartAlti. It has a touchscreen, GPS tracking, all sorts of hi-tech sensors including jyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers… and they've just announced the new Cloud visualisation platform that comes with the device, which enables you to share data with your friends.

by Lesley Gale
by Lesley Gale

Features include

  • GPS tracking
  • Bluetooth & Wifi
  • Sunlight-readable 2.4” display
  • Glove-sensitive touchscreen
  • Ground speed/heading on jump run
  • Freefall colour indicators
  • Canopy direction/groundspeed
  • Post-jump reporting
  • Multiple unit customisation
  • Local weather reports
  • Wireless syncing
  • Data capture platform

The Dekunu One is currently only available in limited releases due to one-off production runs, so you gotta get 'em while you can – you can buy right now or find out more at the Dekunu website here