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Considered Upsizing?

Canopies over Perris — by Norman Kent
Canopies over Perris — by Norman Kent

Ever considered upsizing your canopy? I have always chosen a canopy that would treat me best in all possible scenarios. A parachute that will open and land softly under all conditions.

Canopy of Choice

PD's Katana 107 has been my canopy of choice for several years. It opens slowly every jump and I can land it downwind, crosswind, at sea level and at 5,000 feet. It doesn't require I do a turn to build up speed and I can even land it in deep brakes if I have to. I can fly it in a pattern with hundreds of canopies without negatively affecting them or them me.

Sounds like there is no downside to upsizing


But, with my hip replacement I'm anticipating wanting to have a little more cushion and a little less speed. I'm upsizing to a PD Stiletto 120. The gain being less risk of injury and more years enjoying this fantastic sport. The downside being I won't be going quite as fast on landing. Sounds to me like there is no downside to upsizing.

by <a href='' class='captionLink'>Norman Kent</a>
by Norman Kent

Food for Thought

Are you jumping a canopy that's got your back:

  • on a 4-way?
  • on a 100-way?
  • during a 10mph downwind landing?
  • if you have to get into a tight spot on an off DZ landing?

It's a good question to ask yourself.


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Alastair Macartney

I loved my PD Stiletto 120. I put thousands of jumps on one - actually, I owned more than one. I ripped up some amazing swoops across the pond on it. I could pilot it in with pin point accuracy on a demo. I floated on it. I dived it. What an awesome canopy and a great choice Dan. It's all about having the right tools for the job. Of course, a Stiletto isn't for everyone but in the right hands it's a truly amazing canopy. I know you'll love getting back on one. Enjoy.

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Ted Farnsworth

I agree! While I do enjoy jumping my sub-100 pocket-rocket canopies, there are many situations where it is just not advantageous or prudent to do so. Larger formations, larger aircraft, smaller landing areas, long spots, adverse wind conditions, unfamiliar drop zone... These are just a few of the many situations where it is better (and more fun) to have something larger than what most experienced jumpers are gravitating towards nowadays. And at the end of a long day jumping with students, it is really nice to get on the staff fun jump with a canopy that opens nicely, flies slowly, descends slowly and lands softly without having to think about it as much. And it just safer in general.

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