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Countdown to Vector Festival 2018

Vector Festival started in 2005 as a way for UPT to give back to their customers in Europe and shortly afterwards, they were joined by Performance Designs and Vigil. It’s now one of the last remaining boogies in Europe and they’re getting ready for the 2018 event.

This year Vector Festival will be June 19-24 at Skydive Klatovy (where ALL the Skyvans live in Europe). With the countdown on, I sat down with Rosi Sigmon from UPT and Dedric Hourde from Performance Designs to find out what makes Vector Festival the best boogie in the world…

Festival Atmosphere

Rosi from UPT has been involved with Vector Fest since 2009. “For me the festival stands out because it’s one of the last boogies in Europe. Everything now is more focused on skills camps but for us we put a lot of emphasis on the ‘festival’ part. We want a festival vibe with people staying on site, jumping all day and sticking around to enjoy the food, drinks and parties.”

Vector Festival is definitely a boogie not a camp

For Dedric from PD, one of the main goals of the festival was to meet customers, help them with their existing gear and give back to the community but again with a big emphasis on having fun. “It’s the atmosphere, it feels like a festival. The entertainment side of the event is super important to us. We want people to progress their skills but we want them to have fun doing it. For this year we’re going to have live concerts, local bands, Petebox, games, more balloon jumps and a Tora Tora mystery party. It’s definitely a boogie not a camp.”

Vector Festival 2016
Vector Festival 2016

Bigger and Better

For 2018 Vector Fest is coming back bigger and better than before with an expected 400 people attending and 24 load organizers. Whether you're looking for angle jumps, head down, head up, wingsuiting, FS or to progress your canopy skills… there's a Load Organizer for you. This year they’re bringing in Shannon Har-Noy Pilcher from Flight-1 (and founding PD Factory Team member). Shannon will be there to promote a safer flying canopy culture and offering a super unique element to this boogie. He'll be filming landings, doing daily briefings on patterns, winds, offering advice, techniques and running a seminar.

Another change up this year is that Vector Fest is bringing in manifest extraordinaire Axel Arvidsson to organize the organizers and make sure that even the newest jumpers are getting on the loads they want. For any new boogie jumpers Vector Festival have added another day to the event so they can get their feet wet and participate in the Vector Festival Initiation day. They’ll have a chance to meet some of the organizers, get a personalized and in-depth DZ orientation along with some information to help keep them safe, and find some people in a similar situation before the madness begins.

Reasons to be Cheerful, part 3

As if you needed more reasons to register, Rosi mentioned that “this year's Vector Festival will continue to have amazing food choices. MC Irish Pete will be back for even more shenanigans, vendor village will be there for you to chat with your favorite companies in the sport, prize giveaways daily and the Ice Cube Bar… because who doesn’t want a mojito after jumping all day?”

Win a Customised Vector

If you haven’t signed up yet, get moving and register here – before 1st of May 2018 to get a 35 euro discount (130€ not 165€), and be entered into the raffle to win a free Vector. (Also only participants registered before the 1st of May will participate in the raffle). What are you waiting for?