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Counting down to Leia...

Olly Burgin flying a SkyArt Leia above Queenstown, NZ — by Olly Burgin
Olly Burgin flying a SkyArt Leia above Queenstown, NZ — by Olly Burgin

NZ Aerosports, home of the Icarus and Daedalus brands of canopies, have announced the official release of their long-awaited newest wing, Leia, is to be Sunday June 1st 2014.


They have begun a 10-day countdown at Looking for Leia that will finish on Monday at 7am New Zealand time. Experienced swoopers from around the world will then have the opportunity to order this evolutionary wing. In their words; 'a new girl to fall in love with’. What time does this start in your neck of the woods?…

I am jumping a Leia 82. Heaps of range. Rock solid in nasty turbulence with very little spanwise distortion. Getting some epic swoops, so much performance to be drawn out of such a low hassle canopy.

Leia Release Times Around the World

  • San Francisco: Midday Sunday June 1
  • Florida: 2pm Sunday June 1
  • New York: 3pm Sunday June 1
  • London: 8pm Sunday June 1
  • Western Europe: 9pm Sunday June 1
  • East Coast Australia: 5am Monday June 2
  • West Coast Australia: 3am Monday June 2
  • Auckland, NZ: 7am Monday, June 2

NOTE: The above times are approximates. Check the countdown page to see what time it will finish for you.

NZ Aerosports parachute test pilot Chris Brook flying Leia &nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;by <a href='' class='captionLink'>NZ Aerosports</a>
NZ Aerosports parachute test pilot Chris Brook flying Leia  — by NZ Aerosports

About Leia

Leia, a 7-cell, 21-chamber high performance parachute built to bring Petra technology to the open market, will be available in any size with a range of custom color and design options. Perfect for organizers, cameraflyers, AFF instructors and dropzone swoopers, the standard model is constructed entirely of ZP for longevity and low pack volume. It ships with HMA 400 lines and soft links.

Leia is everything a canopy pilot desires


A Hybrid Construction model is also available for those jumpers who want that extra burst of speed and power in the swoop. Those wishing to have a canopy for fun and competition will be particularly pleased, but anyone who wants to take their everyday swoop to the next level can also enjoy this feature.

Sales are direct through NZ Aerosports. Leia won’t be available through the dealer network yet.

Leia over the pond with Dubai cityscape&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;by <a href='' class='captionLink'>Rhys Kempen</a>
Leia over the pond with Dubai cityscape — by Rhys Kempen

Computational Fluid Dynamics

The introduction of the market-first hyper-performance competition-specific wing Petra to the canopy piloting scene in 2011 signified the start of a new era in canopy design. She was created using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and over 25 years of NZ Aerosports’ R&D experience. Petra has won multiple World Distance Records flown by Nicholas Batsch as well as many National Championships by our other hot jumpers. Nick just took out the World Speed Record flying the more recent, speed-specific Sofia edition. NZ Aerosports will be the first company to bring this high-end competition wing technology to the open market with Leia.

by <a href='' class='captionLink'>NZ Aerosports</a>
by NZ Aerosports

From the manufacturer

Today’s canopy pilots demand the best and we aim to give it to them. NZ Aerosports grew out of a quest for pure wild flight and our style of R&D (a mix of engineering, CFD, practical experience, multiple drawing boards and Heineken) has helped that become a reality with Leia. We’ve fallen in love – and we know you will too.

More about Leia

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