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Crossing the Void – 2

Dear Ninja Mikey, there is a massive gap between the newbie freeflyer and the experts!! How am I ever going to get there?

Star Terr

Mikey Carpenter
Mikey Carpenter

Dear Star

My answer to this is “yes, there is!” And I hope it only gets bigger, it means as a sport we are progressing, it means we are still learning and improving our understanding of what we can do. When I started I wasn’t put off by how good some people were, it inspired me even more to get there myself.

Arnie's Six Rules

A healthy sport which is growing will inevitably have its spectrum of skill levels grow further apart, and the only way to bridge that void, as Arnold Schwarzenegger puts it, “is to work your butt off”. Arnie’s six rules for success apply not only to Skydiving but life itself. His rules explain way better than I ever could about how to progress through life and become a Skydiving Ninja. I could try to explain it but Arnie does it so eloquently in this video below [longer version at end of article].

Arnie's Six Rules of Success

  • 1, Trust yourself
  • 2, Break the rules
  • 3, Don't be afraid to fail
  • 4, Ignore the naysayers
  • 5, Work your butt off
  • 6, Give something back


For me the most interesting part about Schwarzenegger’s six rules is that none of the people I know at the top of the sport ever had to be told them. Not one professional skydiver was sat on the couch scratching his balls one day, then inspired by Arnie’s secret words to success went on to become the next ninja tunnel flyer. No, all the people I know were already following the rules, much like Schwarzenegger himself, they were already working their butts off, they already trusted in themselves and I know for a fact were already breaking more than a few rules!

You can't climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets

So what does this mean?

That it’s already too late? You are either destined to shape the couch with the profile of your backside or spunk out rock star studded epicness every time your body graces the air with its presence? Well so far yeah, that seems to be the rule. But then again, you know what Arnie says about rules.

Wow!&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;by <a href='' class='captionLink'>Mikey Carpenter</a>
Wow! — by Mikey Carpenter

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