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Cutting Canopy Lines!

Todd Shoebotham Cuts His Lines

Only one way to find out…

How would a vented BASE canopy react to multiple line failures? Would the vents make a difference when compared to similar failures on an un-vented BASE canopy?

Apex Owner and President Todd Shoebotham had these questions a few years ago following a BASE fatality resulting from line failures. As is oftentimes the case in BASE he knew there was only one way to find out. (Hint: You've just got to send it.)

Todd was brave enough to test 4 configurations:

1. Un-vented, brakes un-stowed

2. Un-vented, brakes stowed

3. Vented, brakes stowed

4. Vented, brakes un-stowed.

The results were clear and can teach us not only about canopy design, but also how we might increase our chances of survival should we find ourselves under a failing wing.

Thank you Todd!