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Damage Control: Eating Healthy On The Road

Driving down the 7 mile bridge towards our first ever tandem skydive at Skydive Key West!

One of the biggest hurdles I have found to be true for most if not all of my clients is staying on course nutritionally while on the road. We all have so many tedious tasks to think about before we travel such as family plans, business plans etc. It's normal for our workouts and nutrition to fall back seat.


Having many discussions on this very topic it is clear to see why, yet so many trainers and professionals fail to communicate the resolution correctly. Unlike professional athletes where performance and nutrition are above all other priorities, businesspeople and housewives aren't wired the same. Tasks at work and home managing kids, etc, is equally a full time job. With a little planning ahead of time we can leave out the guesswork and optimize our chances for success…


Seek Restaurant Options

Find comparable options to your current meal plans that are available at most restaurants. Yes, it may not be 100% organic or cooked with low sodium and seasonings but just because we aren't “scoring 100%” doesn't mean we just throw in the towel on our goals for a week or two. Depending on where exactly you are in your progress and nutrition plan, a week of poor meal choices can set you back a few weeks from your aesthetics goals. I don't know about you, but I haven't taken two hard steps forward to give three steps back because I failed to plan my vacation with my goals in mind.

skinny table website
Six pack bag - Camille Tote
Six pack bag - Camille Tote

Use Technology

In this day and age we have so many tools and resources when it comes to finding information at our disposal. Millions of mobile apps are created every day that help you from choosing Paleo restaurants to keeping your caloric intake in check through the day. One helpful website is called Skinny Table. They team up with some of the best restaurants around the country and provide you with healthy alternatives that you may not find on your own within the menu, if it's located in the menu at all. Another great tool that my girlfriend and I use sometimes is called Six Pack Bags. They have amazingly fashionable and effective meal coolers. They come in many different styles and carry 3 to 7 meals at a time so elegantly organized. Pockets for vitamins, water bottles, ice packs, fruits, and meals all in one convenient bag. Yes ladies, it comes in pink!


Bottom line is this… Take your diet and see what is consistent throughout the week, then plan where you can find comparable meals in the location you are traveling too. Remember, if it was easy everyone would be walking around in their dream body with straight As across the board at the Doctor's office. With a little bit of planning and forecasting you can control the damage of a week-long trip and if you're good you can even progress towards your goals while on the road.

Don't let the struggles of daily life and hectic schedules get the better of you. Keep pushing forward! Charge on Ladies and Gents!

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