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Disabled HALO Record

Carl Roland makes the highest solo skydive by a disabled person

His story ….

Carl Roland
Carl Roland

“Boom!! I got the okay!!”

I couldn't believe it. After dropping a text to Dropzone Denmark owner Philip asking if he would let me do a HaLo i couldn't believe my luck.. he said ’yes!’

In 2011 I suffered a massive spinal chord injury while skiing and became paralyzed from the waist down. It truly felt like “Um, ok.. NOW you've done it.. now you're REALLY screwed”. Finding my way back to a life I could live with (oh you know what I mean) was really hard. There's not a lot you feel like you could do at that point. Salsa dancing was definitely off the table.. I had to learn it ALL again. Even the most basic stuff. (I’m happy to report that i can now go to the bathroom all by myself. Fun fact for you.)


It was January 2013 and I saw Dream Lines 4 with Jokke Sommer, Espen Fadnes and Ludo Woerth.. “THAT! I wanna do THAT!“...

…Four months later I started my AFF course to get a skydiving license. From there it has been an incredible ride, a rehab fueled by adrenaline, and full of love and joy! Now I can move my legs a bit, I fly wingsuits, I BASE jump now and then and I’ve got some 300 jumps now. I don't really know why I got so much better, but this sport has definitely helped a LOT!

And the ‘old me’ that always wanted to try new things isn't dead, so when I saw this Berzerker Boogie at DZDK I HAD to try it!! On my way down there my #danishbasejumper, 'Bo Mogens' was born, and became a small hit in Denmark.. I just put stuff like that on Instagram if I’m in a VERY good mood, so yeah, I was full of stokedness…

Now I can move my legs a bit, I fly wingsuits, I BASE jump... I don't know why I got so much better, but this sport has definitely helped a LOT!
Carl Roland about to do his first HALO jump
Carl Roland about to do his first HALO jump
Carl Roland HALO exit
Carl Roland HALO exit


The day of the HALO jump we had a briefing on the oxygen system. It's the same as Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet used over Mont Blanc, a brilliant little kit! And, I have to admit.. I felt preeeetty cool putting it on.. oooh yeah.. But then I started crawling into the plane and shi… stuff got serious. In more than one way.

Frozen eyeballs

On our way up I started feeling tingling in my tooth.. as the pressure dropped it got worse and eventually it felt like a hammer straight to my tooth! I have n-e-v-e-r practised mind-over-matter harder. But, at to 23,400 feet, as I moved towards the door it faded away. I had to think for a second to make sure I wasn't just hypoxic – but I found I could think of cold beer when I landed and high fives so i decided I was okay…

The next 20 seconds were the best skydiving seconds I’ve ever had but then… I did a barrel roll and my freaking goggles flew off!!

Instantly it was like looking through frosted glass or something, and I tried to just stay cool, squint my eyes 1st and wait until we got lower. Eventually I could see again and we, me and Paul-Henry de Baére, had a few seconds together before we separated and opened our canopies… WOAH!!! THAT got a little more exciting that I wanted, but hey, that's kinda why we do it, isn't it?!

Carl Roland HAHO

I could feel sphincters I haven't felt in 7 years closing there.. hooooly moly! LOVED IT!! I'm suuuper grateful to Dropzone Denmark and the DZ people for welcoming me and letting me try the unknown! It's that way I really feel alive and maybe even a little useful.

I really hope you enjoy my video (below) and remember:

When life gives you lemons, break out the Tequila!!

Blue Skies everyone!

Mucho love, CC Professional Norwegian 🙄

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