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Dubai Winter Festival Promo | #SkydiveDubai

This year’s Dubai Winter Festival (DWF) is going to be even more epic with its new format. The licensed skydiver boogie will take place this year at Skydive Dubai Desert Campus from December 27 – Jan 2.

The upcoming DWF 2015 has a new format. World class organisers in formation skydiving, freefly and wingsuit plus end of day videos, daily raffles, a film festival, New Year’s Eve and closing parties with jump tickets at a special price of AED 90! (about $25 US Dollars). All taking place at the amazing Desert Campus drop zone,with beautiful facilities.

New for 2015 is an added an integrated five day Advanced Freefly Skills Camp with dedicated load organisers. Also, for the first five days of the boogie (Dec 27th-31st) Skydive Dubai are limiting the number of slots to avoid long waiting times between jumps.

You must pre-register online to take part: here

Winter Festival info on Facebook