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Dynamr in action at the White Nights competition
Dynamr in action at the White Nights competition

What is it?

Dynamr is a live judging system for indoor skydiving dynamic 2way & 4way disciplines. It allows multiple judges to score rounds in real time and offers a live status & others tools regarding dynamic flying.

Why did we create this?

The main idea came from David who, as a competitor, noticed that there was nothing designed for the teams when they wanna train or even for tunnels if they wanna do their own dynamic flying events. As dynamic flight is getting really serious (FAI approved), the tools for teams, tunnels and judges need to follow the same path.

Dynamr ready screen
Dynamr ready screen

We designed this system to be non obtrusive for the tunnels. Despite the laser and LED strips, the system is just a little box. We know tunnels already have a lot of stuff (camera, video recording systems etc.) so we try to keep Dynamr as small and easy as possible. It doesn’t require technical knowledge to be implemented or used.

Dynamr judging screen
Dynamr judging screen

Using the system

Managing rounds

Today, you can use Dynamr to manage your own competition. You can stick to FAI rules or create your own moves, you can adapt the times & penalties to the flyers’ skills, you are free to make your own rules.


You can choose what part you want to judge (technical, flow, etc) and judges can choose between team 1 or 2 and the scoring goes real time on the status screen. The scoring is discreet, so no one knows the choice of an individual judge, only the ratio (for example, 3 judges out of 5 preferred team 1).

Dynamr Training screen
Dynamr Training screen


The training system is very flexible: when you select a category & a discipline, a draw is created for you. But all the moves (the FAI ones & yours) are always available! This way you can mix up and try new moves without being stuck on your initial training session.


With a laser, the precision goes far, up to the millisecond. It’s way better than a manual start/stop. We think the door laser could be useful for other disciplines as well and we hope more and more tunnels will install it.


Despite the teams and the rounds, there is a lot of administrable stuff: discipline, dive pool, dive pool type, round type, etc. You can adapt the system to your own style.

Tiebreak screen
Tiebreak screen


in the case of a tie-break, there is a 1-minute countdown for the draw show. With the help of the LEDs, spectators are aware of the remaining time.

Winner display

The LED goes green on the the winner side & red on the loser side.

Live stream informations

Live stream company can plug on Dynamr to get information about the current round so they can overlay on the video stream.


● Control your rounds on a web page
● Different line colors (free, speed normal, speed switched)
● Visual countdown
● Keep history of your rounds
● Millisecond precision, laser timing on entry & exit
● Smooth and secret free round scoring
● Takes up to 4 judges on remotes (no wires)
● Limitless judges on smartphone
● Battle winner display
● Highly configurable: round time, bust delay, faults, values, etc
● Live status for spectators (with busts, entry fault, etc)
● Autonomous system, need no existing network or internet
● No software needed, just a web browser
● Easy administration (pools, teams, etc)
● Create your own dive pools, your own competition
● Export rounds for statistics
● Ready for external livestream

The future

Our goal is to improve the battle system as well as the display for spectactors (what is the draw for the round, what is the time to beat, …).

We aim to develop a statistic page so each team can know how much they've trained, with graphics and charts so they know what they have to work on.

We are in touch with InTime Scoring to see if it’s possible (it should be, it will be) to integrate the live judgement with their video system. So during the replay, flyers can see which judge has busted.


We would like to provide the package by the end of this year.

Thomas Vitureau and David Petracco, Dynamr system developers
Thomas Vitureau and David Petracco, Dynamr system developers

Who are we?

Skydive and tunnel coach, 1,000h of tunnel, 3 000 jumps, dynamic competitor since the beginning.

Developer, 50h of tunnel, 1,600 jumps, neither competitor or coach (and it’s better this way), but David is his personal coach

The Dynamr system was used at White Nights tunnel competition. More information at Dyamr website or
Dyamr Facebook page

Time to party!
Time to party!