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Eagles over Oshkosh Day 1

by <a href='' class='captionLink'>Andrey Veselov</a>
by Andrey Veselov

The weather cooperated beautifully as the Skydiving Hall of Fame Eagles team got off to a great start with every team member completing three preparatory jumps today, Sunday 19 July 2015, at Skydive Chicago. The team consists of 108 skydivers from 15 nations, who collectively have over 750,000 skydives! They will attempt to make a 3-point or more skydive to break the current Sequential World Record of 3, 4 and 5 points of 106-way.

One of the action teams practising the sequence&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;by Brian Festi
One of the action teams practising the sequence — by Brian Festi

The team was broken up into the eight sectors, called 'action teams' practicing the moves they are going to make on the world record attempts that consist of creating three then four different formations on the same skydive. At the same time, the 44-way base, called the 'Eagle’s Nest', practiced flying together quickly and being the solid anchor that the eight action teams will dock on to complete each formation.

Our individual flying tasks are not so difficult, but getting 108 skydivers to do their designated task safely and on the same jump is an extra challenge

The Captains made the announcement at the end of the day that the preparatory jumps went so well that the team would combine and begin 108-way World Record attempts, Monday 20 July and Tuesday 21 July, at Skydive Chicago. On July 22nd, 23rd and again on the 24th, the team will be making four record attempt jumps over EAA Oshkosh and hopefully showing the world a big skydive record sequential formation over this famous airshow!

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Eagle's Nest, the base 44&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;by Brian Festi
Eagle's Nest, the base 44 — by Brian Festi