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Eagles over Oshkosh – Day 4

108-way first point&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;by <a href='' class='captionLink'>Andrey Veselov</a>
108-way first point — by Andrey Veselov

The fourth day of Eagles Over Oshkosh, Wednesday July 22, the team made two jumps over the Oshkosh Airshow for hundreds of thousands of aviation fans. The first was attempting a three point 108-way skydive for a world record, from 19,000 feet. The first jump video is below, take a look - it was an amazing jump…

The first jump over Oshkosh airshow, 4pm Wednesday July 22 – so close to a record!

It was soooo close! One grip off from a 3-point 108-way world record. The team completed the first point, a 108-way but on the second point, there was one grip missing.  The team transitioned to the third point, but alas, no official record, though it was an amazing skydive.  The visitors at the EAA Oshkosh airshow were wowed.  One gentleman who looked up just as all the parachutes opened just kept repeating, “Wow, wow, wow. I’ve never seen anything like that.  I wasn’t expecting that!”  This is the first time that EAA has ever had a large formation of skydivers as part of their show line up.  And on top of that, a team attempting a world record!

“Oshkosh was truly hectic and surreal at the same time with the crowds so supportive. We had front row seats for the airshow and fireworks. These Americans know how to put on a massive show with the most incredible aircraft and best pilots!

”The logistics with the Oshkosh air show jumps are enormous to say the least. Note to self - don't land in that long pyrotechnic display section close to our landing area… oh and don't track and open over the 500,000 spectators …. oh and yeah… give it your best as it is a World Record attempt. No pressure…”

*Tracey Basman, participant

108-way second point&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;by <a href='' class='captionLink'>Andrey Veselov</a>
108-way second point — by Andrey Veselov

The second jump of the day, the evening jump was hampered by clouds and ended up being individual exits from 5000' because of the low cloud deck. The audience loved it but there was no chance for the group to make an attempt from from such a low altitude.

Today (Thursday 23 July) the team is back in Skydive Chicago. They will make three jumps there, any one of which could be the record. They will be back for record attempts over EAA Oshkosh on Friday for two attempts.