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Endless Summer

by <a href='' class='captionLink'>Jasper van der Meer</a>
by Jasper van der Meer

Paradise Portugal is coming back to Skydive Algarve for its 2nd year, from October 23-29, 2016. One week of dedicated coaching in small groups, or 1-on-1 coaching with personal coaches. 

Whether you've just come out of AFF or already have thousands of jumps, the skydives will be tailored to your needs. Coaches jump with a maximum of 4 jumpers per group, and change groups every 2-3 days, giving jumpers a variety of techniques and styles. One-on-one' are available for jumpers learning new positions and techniques. With this style of camp, each jumper walks away with a full bag of newly polished tricks. 

Coaches confirmed so far include the following and more will be added over the coming weeks.

  • Nimmo 
  • Kim Tornwall
  • Jasper van der Meer
  • Martijn van Dam
  • Rene Terstegen
  • Efraim Folgerts
  • Johannes Bergfors
  • Bart Hooijen
  • Floris Beukers
  • Matti Miilumaki
  • Jan Klaver
  • Shannon Sarracco
by <a href='' class='captionLink'>Jasper van der Meer</a>
by Jasper van der Meer

The camp brings the usual ToraTora style, offering more than a skills camp, with beach parties, yoga classes, night events, and excellent organization and goodie bags.

Skydive Algarve hosts the event with their line of Dornier G92s flying back to back and with the beach just 10 minutes from the dropzone. The location is great for anyone who wants to combine full on skydiving with the holiday feeling, or to bring your 'other half'. During last year's event, jumpers ventured out for surfing, marine aquariums, beach trips and nights out in Alvor. 

by <a href='' class='captionLink'>Jasper van der Meer</a>
by Jasper van der Meer

If you want more of your freefly fix, and aren't ready for summer to end, Paradise Portugal will stretch it to the limit!

Last year's camp sold out, but there is still time to sign up for this year's Paradise Portugal Skills Camp. ToraTora has more info up on their website here, also check the event page on Facebook for latest info.

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