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EUROCHICKS: Women On Wings

Dutch waffle record building, 2014 — by Henny Wiggers
Dutch waffle record building, 2014 — by Henny Wiggers

Two European Sequential Records have been announced, in 2016 and 2017, at Teuge, home of the last World Cup, and the Netherlands open and female record.

Euro Chicks

Euro Chicks is a new organisation uniting the talents of female European skydivers, very much a European version of Brit Chicks, headed up by Lesley Gale and Kate Cooper-Jensen. The aim is to work together for the common good of female skydiving in Europe, aiming to grow the sport of skydiving, increase female participation and promote excellence. Euro Chicks will achieve this by gaining cool publicity, providing role models, passing on knowledge, and providing a network for skydiving chicks all over Europe.

Women on Wings (WOW)

The first Euro Chicks event is the 'Women on Wings' (WOW) project, Henny Wiggers and Marloes Swarthoff are coordinating WOW, aiming to set new records for female large formations. WOW Team Captains are Marloes, Kate Cooper-Jensen, Lesley Gale, Lise Nansen, and Alia Veselova, who will select and train their team, with a goal to set a new multiple point big-way European record.

Event Organizer Henny Wiggers on the formation made of sponsored helmets &nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;by <a href='' class='captionLink'>George Katsoulis</a>
Event Organizer Henny Wiggers on the formation made of sponsored helmets  — by George Katsoulis

The WOW team plan a follow-up event in 2017, which will be a single point 120-way female Euro record. Therefore, running alongside this year’s sequential record is a big-way camp for women, aiming to groom them for the big one next year. As such, this event provides something for everyone (well, provided you have a muff!). Two years is enough time to train for a record if you are determined.

Women on Wings Goals 2016

The goals for this year are:-

  • 100% safety
  • new European Sequential Female Record
  • ideally, set a 50-way European Sequential Female Record
  • impart knowledge and train skills to prepare the team for 2017
  • gain publicity for skydiving and kick-ass women!

The existing European female record is a 3-point 28-way, so the group could set a new record with a 2-point 29-way, and build up from there, to a 3-point 40-way, a 2-point 50-way, or any number of combinations.

Women on Wings 2017 Goals

  • 100% safety
  • new European Female Record (larger than a 100-way)
  • ideally, a 120-way European Sequential Female Record
  • gain more publicity for skydiving and kick-ass women!
Dutch ladies record – 34-way color-coordinated windmill&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;by Henny Wiggers
Dutch ladies record – 34-way color-coordinated windmill — by Henny Wiggers

Women on Wings Record 2016

The 5-day WOW event will take place 31 August to 4 September, 2016 and the 120-way in August/September the following year. The lead aircraft will be a fast-climbing Skyvan (from Skydive Pink Klatovy), and flying trail will be Skydive Teuge’s fast-climbing Supervans. Teuge is a large, flat dropzone, set in miles of flat countryside. The DZ is used to running large events successfully, as seen by the 2015 World Cup, and the female Dutch record, that set the Netherlands on fire, a windmill shaped formation in Dutch colors.

Women on Wings Big-way Camp

The big-way camp alongside the main record attempt will offer coaching on big-way techniques in a zero-fault environment. Skydives will be comprehensively briefed and debriefed, in a social, fun atmosphere conducive to learning. Mostly the camp is aimed at training women for the forthcoming 2017 record. But the camp is open to men as well as women, although the needs of the ladies will have priority, because of the long-term goal. But, this is a nice opportunity if you’re a guy who wants to come and support your chica, and also make some fun formation loads (surrounded by women!). Ladies, if you have big-way experience and would like to help the 2017 record happen, come and join the 2016 WOW BWC and add your skills to the party. It makes sure you’re in the organisers’ minds when the 120-way invitations go out too!

“The road to success begins with making the first step – come join the big-way camp!“
Marloes Swarthoff, Women on Wings Organiser

The camp will also provide a large ‘bench’ of current female big-way jumpers, who can be called in to replace someone on the record attempts with an injury or repeated performance problem.

Almost a 2014 Dutch waffle record (some wrong grips)
Almost a 2014 Dutch waffle record (some wrong grips)


The Euro Chicks coaches will select their team for the 50-way Record attempt, and personally invite them. Everyone is welcome on the big-way camp, provided they have the basic skills to get out of an aircraft and dock on a 12-way.

Further Information

Registration forms are in progress, a link to register for the big-way camp and record will be available soon.

  • FFI check Euro Chicks Facebook page
  • Big-way camps - more info here
  • If you’re inspired to train for the 2017 record, you can find great advice by Kate Cooper-Jensen here
Dutch ladies record group, July 2015&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;by Jan Pleiter
Dutch ladies record group, July 2015 — by Jan Pleiter