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Words by Lesley Gale

Arizona X-Force
Arizona X-Force — Image by Craig Amrine

… But were afraid to ask…

Axis Flight School's competition division, Arizona X-Force, recently took bronze at the US Nationals (behind SDC Core and Arizona Arsenal). They averaged 13.88, and just beat the Golden Knights, by 2 points to the medal – in a killer last round, shown below, where they came from a point behind to 2 points in front,

This lovely team has put together a series of tutorial videos for all VFS team out there, detailing the dirtdive and moves for every block and random. 'VFS Randoms and Block Talk' show how to walk, prep, and execute the randoms and blocks 1 thru 17. Thanks guys – awesome free resource!


Blocks 1-5

AXIS: Arizona X-FORCE VFS Block Talk 1 - 5

Blocks 6-11

AXIS: Arizona X-FORCE VFS Block Talk 6-11

Blocks 12-17

AXIS: X-FORCE VFS Block Talk 12-17

For more video tutorials, see the AXIS Flight School You Tube Channel 


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