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Finnish Record!

Finnish 80way exit, from 4 Skyvans — by Jussi Määttä
Finnish 80way exit, from 4 Skyvans — by Jussi Määttä

80-way Record for the Finns

80 skydivers from Finland gathered together in Klatovy to try to break the national record. On Wednesday, after 9 record attempts it finally happened on the last jump of the day. The Finns jumped from four Skyvans flying at 18,000 feet.

Finnish National Record, 80-way, Skydive Pink Klatovy&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;by <a href='' class='captionLink'>Jussi Määttä</a>
Finnish National Record, 80-way, Skydive Pink Klatovy — by Jussi Määttä

“Skydive Pink Klatovy did a great job with everything and they helped us to make this record happen”, said the event’s head organizer Petri Mastola. The record didn’t come without a lot of work. The Finns started to train for the record in 2015 and since then there were altogether 11 bigway-camps. The camps were held in Skydive Finland, Alavus, Algarve and Zephyrhills.

“I couldn’t be more happy. I am so proud of this group. They worked hard to make this happen”, Mastola commented.

Record participants&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;by <a href='' class='captionLink'>Jussi Määttä</a>
Record participants — by Jussi Määttä

The youngest skydiver on the record was 27 years old and the oldest one 71. The jump experience varied from about 200 to 6000 jumps. The record event was organized by Petri Mastola, Jorma Löfgren, Nadja Lönnroth, Kimmo Pohjola and Juha Kokkonen. The videographers were: Janne Lindstedt, Jussi Määttä and Andrey Veselov. The previous Finnish national record was a 63-way and was made in 2009 in Empuriabrava.

This record is really impressive when you consider there are only 735 licensed skydivers in Finland (488 have C or D licence). So, over 10% of Finnish skydivers were on the record!

The video below shows the record and the vibe!