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Flight-1 Ten Year Anniversary

 Flight-1 Instructor Stu Schoenfeld
Flight-1 Instructor Stu Schoenfeld

Back in 2004, the members of the Performance Designs Factory Team (PDFT) partnered with visionary Scott Miller of Freedom of Flight with a goal to create a curriculum for teaching canopy control from the essential skills all the way through to high performance canopy piloting. In February 2006, their dream became a reality and Flight-1 was officially launched. Over the last ten years it has grown into the leading provider of canopy coaching and instruction in the sport, and a brand recognized around the world.

Flight-1 Instructors

The success of Flight-1 isn’t just down to the quality of the comprehensive curriculum, it’s also down to the people who teach it. Over time, Flight-1 has expanded beyond the PDFT, welcoming a host of skilled, talented, and diverse athletes to the team. Now with over 30 sport and military instructors located all over the world, Flight-1 encompasses an unsurpassed breadth of experience both as coaches and as athletes. Individually, they are highly accomplished skydivers with a combined total of over 275,000 jumps.

Within our current instructor pool, 27 of our cadre are members of their National Teams, representing their countries at world level with 15 World Titles to their names. We are proud and incredibly honored to say that these individuals are a part of our Flight-1 family. It’s because of the camaraderie and mutual respect that exists amongst the cadre that allows us to continue to be inspired by each other, to grow as individuals and as a team, and it’s a large part of the reason why Flight-1 continues to flourish.

Welcoming new instructors to the family in 2015
Welcoming new instructors to the family in 2015
Flight-1 and PD Factory Team Members in 2011
Flight-1 and PD Factory Team Members in 2011

Flight-1 Instructors

Philippe Thibodeau
Martin Lemay

Pablo Hernandez

Central Europe
Marco Arrigo
Livio Piccolo
Luca Marchioro
Pete Allum

Peter Kallehave

Brian Vacher
Wez Westley

Ian Bobo
Shannon Pilcher
Jason Moledzki
JC Colclasure
Maxine Tate
Justin Price
Travis Mills
Tommy Dellibac
Aaron Stocum
Kenneth Gajda
Cam King
Kaz Sheekey
Ian Drennan
Stu Schoenfeld
Gage Galle

Flight-1 Milestone

With that, the Flight-1 family is proud to announce that we are celebrating a milestone in our history, making 2016 our Ten Year Anniversary. We’d like to thank each and every one of you that have joined us in courses over the years, shared your feedback and been a part of the journey. You too continue to inspire us with your openness to learn and your desire to improve and have fun.

Flight-1 family in 2007
Flight-1 family in 2007

February Celebrations

During the month of February, we will have a few things that will be taking place at our Headquarters in Deland, Florida. You can follow the celebrations with us on our Flight-1 Facebook Fan Page. If you’re in Deland, we invite you to join us during our Meet ‘N’ Greet to hang… or if you’re located all elsewhere on the globe and you have any questions that you would like answered by our Flight-1 team, send us a shout by tweeting us on Facebook, using #Flight1TenYears.

20 February 2016: Meet ‘N’ Greet – with about 15 of our Flight-1 Instructors at The Perfect Spot at Skydive Deland.

23 February: Flight-1 Ten Year Anniversary Celebration

27-28 February: 2-for -1 Instructor Weekend – with Jay Moledzki and a SURPRISE BONUS INSTRUCTOR will both be teaching Flight 101 & 102 at Skydive Deland!

 Flight-1 student landing
Flight-1 student landing