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FLY4LIFE - Apples

And this is why we jump out of planes, to have fun :)

Let's all take care of each other and make this world a better place, THERE IS NO “WE”, it is only “I” who can make a change, make yourself a better person. We are all in the quest for money and being part of a society or a group, which is making us forget the simple and true values of life. Be happy :). Enjoy this edit by Richard Scheurich. FUNNNNNN JUMPING!!

Thanks to everyone that has been part of our journey of flying, let's continue creating and making amazing memories! FLY4LIFE 馃崗馃崗馃崗 UPT Larsen & Brusgaard Performance Designs CYPRES Tonfly Wilde Sunglasses Skydive DeLand