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Flying 2-way VFS Intermediate

2-way Vertical Formation Skydiving is a fantastic introduction to the world of Indoor Skydiving Competition, requiring just one teammate, and with four different classes to suit various skill levels. The Intermediate dive pool requires that both flyers can safely belly fly, back fly, and sit fly (Head Up).

Are You Signed Off?

Now that you are becoming proficient as a static Head Up flyer and have experience flying with a partner, you will need to ensure that you are able to fly the transitions that will be required in order to move on to flying competitively. These transitions are:

Once you are comfortable with all of the individual inputs, you will begin learning the formations and picking a sequence from the 2-way VFS Intermediate dive pool.

The Dive Pool

The entire pool offers an extensive variety of sequences which will challenge your flight ability. No two sequences will be the same, engineering and creativity will have to come into play to determine the best transitions between each formation. The best teams know how to engineer the dive flow so as to minimize transition time between formations, resulting in increased number of formations flown and an increased number of points, while also not breaking the rules of performing a formation, and subsequently losing points.

The 2-way VFS Intermediate dive pool consists of sequences flown on three axes - belly, back, and sit (Head Up). Sequences are laid out so flyers will perform belly/back (BB) in the same rounds and only sit fly (HU) formations in other rounds. This is for safety reasons, due to the increased wind speed needed for flying Head Up.

The sequences are then divided again between Random formations (a specific, single formation that accounts for one point) and Block sequences (a single formation, with a specific transition to a second formation, accounting for two points), similar to what is done in other Formation Skydiving events. For a complete description of each formation, visit the 2-Way VFS Rules.

Challenge Yourself! Use the IBA Draw Generator to randomly select a Draw then go fly it!

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