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To tie in with the Belly to Back Back Flip, the Back to Belly Front Flip transition is the 'opposite' transition, wherein a flyer transitions over their feet and knees from starting while Back flying up and over to the Belly flying orientation. It utilizes body movements important to Free Flying and will help you understand the correct use of the airflow on your body.

To learn to so this transition you should be stable and aware in both Belly Flying and Back Flying orientations. It’s not necessary, but ideal, if you are also comfortable Knee Flying as well.


  • You should aim to fly this transition with as much control as possible.
  • Try to imagine an arc of momentum to give you the time necessary to fly through the transition.
  • Begin and end the technique on the same level.
  • Try to avoid the natural tendency to lift your head as you begin the transition. Let the wind do the work for you.


  • Begin this transition by first going up slightly on your back. Creating this vertical energy is necessary to manage the momentum. Push your head back, arch your chest, push slightly on the back of your hands and arms, and begin to hook your legs under your body to create the rotation.
  • As you pass through the vertical section of the transition, use the Knee flying position to break down the maneuver and fly it more smoothly.
  • As you reach your belly, keep your arch and find your balance in the Belly flying orientation.

Check In

  • Were you able to use the Knee fly technique to break down the transition?
  • Did you keep your head back and allow the wind to push you through the technique?
  • Did you try linking the Back to Belly Front Flip with the Belly to Back Back Flip, in a pendulum fashion? What were the results?

Visit the individual IBA Skills page to download the full lesson plan and to find additional post-flight evaluation questions and suggestions.

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