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Fulfilling the Prophecy

Has BASE jumping or skydiving changed your life?

For David Wall, the answer is yes. David grew up within sight of the cliff he is jumping in this video, and this jump was a special moment for him, to say the least.

In David's words

“Victory moments come to everyone from time to time. This is a significant one in my life. The moment of full circle. I grew up in a polygamous cult isolated from the world, where our futures were defined for us and what we were to do with our lives was not much of a choice.

“From as young as I can remember I was always looking over the wall of those beliefs, out into a world I knew nothing about. I was constantly fascinated by an extraordinary life that was not an option. I wanted to experience the world in ways I could only imagine given we couldn't watch TV, listen to the radio or anything like that. I only knew people did sports, they raced cars and motorcycles, they jumped out of airplanes and off cliffs because I was always breaking the rules to seek it. Needless to say, for this reason and many others I was always facing significant discipline. I was told I needed to repent and find my place with god. I was constantly being made example of, embarrassed, shamed, abused, and sent off to reform camps many times. Lots of tragic moments I would rather not focus on. They never broke my spirit though. Not from a lack of effort, but because I knew there was a way to one day follow my heart. It was a battle that I had no way to win, so one day at age 15 I ran away. It was scary, and I faced some of the hardest things to find my way through life but I made it. I found success, I found freedom and I found an extraordinary life.

“On this day, I was able to return and fulfill my personal prophecy and tear down the ideas the leaders inflict. I was able to show the people I grew up with an extraordinary life is possible and the world is not the scary miserable place the cult made it out to be. I was able to return truly happy doing something I love. So on this day, I won that battle and that war. This is my victory.

“I would like to thank Hartman Rector for his part in this. He has helped me from the day I showed up to learn to skydive and every step of the way. I would also like to thank Chris Kulish for coming along and being a great part of the adventure. Chris also put together this little edit to share. Hope you enjoy.”