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Full Barrel Roll

The full Barrel Roll maneuver incorporates the techniques mastered from learning the 1/2 Barrel Roll transitions. Combining the two skill sets will allow you to safely understand the correct control methods to performing the full Barrel Roll. This skill is an important step in your progression, especially if you wish to explore the Dynamic flight progression.

There are two types of full Barrel Rolls: Belly-to-Belly and Back-to-Back. Being proficient in both belly and back-flying orientations is thus required to master this skill.


  • Keep the same level throughout the entire maneuver; do not sink, or gain altitude.
  • Aim to stay centered in the tunnel. Avoid drifting forwards or backwards.
  • You should end the barrel roll facing the same direction you began (remain on heading).


  • From your belly, bring your knee straight down, then cross it under the opposite leg. This will begin to roll you to your back.
  • Simultaneously, straighten out your arm across your body in the direction of the barrel roll (if you are bringing your right knee down, then use your right arm, and vice versa). This will prevent any forward drive and assist in inducing the roll.
  • From your back, bring one knee over the other and rotate back to your belly.
  • Keep your chin up throughout the entire maneuver in order to maintain a reference point and hold your heading.

Check In

  • Were you able to perform a full Barrel Roll in one continuous move, starting either on your belly or you back?
  • Were you able to maintain a reference point and keep your heading?
  • Were you able to remain centered in the tunnel? Do you find yourself drifting forwards?

Learn the rest of the tricks to performing a perfect full Barrel Roll on the individual IBA Skills page. Download the full lesson plan and check out the rest of the post-flight evaluation questions and suggestions.

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