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Funshine Reunion Boogie Returns !

funshine boogie

funshine boogie

Epic Funshine Boogie Reunion in Skydive Spain

This September, all that is good about boogies returns to Skydive Spain during the Funshine Boogie Reunion. In the golden years of the Funshine ages, 2011-2013, the Funshine Boogie was lead by a crew of hard working, good timing coaches such as Mike Carpenter, Jim Harris, Matt Hill and more. During those days, the Funshine Boogie was made special not only by the incredible lineup of coaches and the beautiful people that attended with their main goal of having a blast, but that it was a customizable skills camp. Every morning, when participants and coaches showed up, groups were divided into disciplines: movement, HU, HD and then further divided into ability, HU movement, HU basics, etc.

If someone wanted to work on only tracking and movement all week, it was possible. If someone wanted only to fly with Mike Carpenter (and why wouldn't you!) the whole week, it was possible. The only requirement was that you had to have the level to join whatever discipline the coaches were organising each day.

Funshine Returns!

The Funshine Boogie came to an end a few years back after a successful run. But Matt Hill, in collaboration with Skydive Spain, wanted to ignite that fire one more time, for old times sake. So, they called up the coaches and made the plans. Without the event even going public, it was full.

The plans for this year are to again go BIG as only Funshine can do. As in previous years, this year will see epic jumps filled with multiple tubes, sky balls, streamers, and whatever else this crew of coaches can conjure up. Day tapes in the bar with rounds of beer after each day mean a few days of good old fashioned skydive boogie fun.

Without the event even going public, it was full.


Coaches are confirmed as:

  • Mike Carpenter!
  • Matt Hill!
  • Kristian Moxnes!
  • Havard Flaat!
  • Anna Moxnes!
  • Jasper Van Der Meer!
  • …and on mega outside video: Gustavo Cabana!

While Funshine Boogie Reunion is currently full, there's still an open waiting list for this epic event. Located at Skydive Spain, all jumps will be made from their fleet of DornierG92 aircraft from 15,000 feet. Spanish sunshine, sky balls and tubes and a lineup of participants and coaches that are bringing the 'awesome' make this something that will no doubt go down in Boogie history as one hell of an event.